Sneak peak Biomag101 ~ Chapter 2 ~ Qui Bono..Who Benefits???

The Covid “Plandemic”, I say that because the number of deaths in 2020 over all worldwide was LOWER than in 2019 and 2018 and Flu cases, including death! in 2020 were down 93% from 2019 even though few got flu shots, they have never had successful vaccines for even the common cold of flu for over 20 years and vaccine injuries have resulted in the US government paying out close to $4.5 BILLION in vaccine injuries to date, even though BigHARMa is not liable in anyway and doctors receive heavy bonuses for making their vaccine quotas, to name a few reasons.

   The resulting emotional issues associated with being lockdown in place for well over a year now IS real and is having severe effects on all. Biomagnetism can help greatly with brain fog, depression, anxiety, loss, fear, etc.

Here are placements for brain fog from Dr. Garcia’s Practioners Guide, I call the “Bible”.

    The 2nd column is the page number in Dr. Garcia’s book to use for the placements. These placements can also be used for regular tune ups, as can also be done with the “Rocka Chakra” placements I show in the scan charts in Appendix II.

(Remember to use N52 magnets and the image you see in the book goes DOWN against the skin, not up as you see in the other words flip the color over and place down).


(Left. Just some head polarity placements alone can help with the issues and symptoms listed).   The medical community has known for years that biomagnetic protocols promote the healing process, particularly of bone fractures. For over 40 years many doctors have used pulsed biomagnetic therapy to support healing of fractures and have had a high rate of success. Several magnetic instruments have already been FDA-approved and sanctioned for both safety and therapeutic implications. The success of this therapy is attributed, in part, to its facilitating the migration of calcium ions and osteoblasts to heal broken bones in less than the usual time. In addition, the migration of calcium occurs away from joints to reduce painful arthritic joint inflammation. The end result is the noninvasive promotion of natural healing, without the use of unnatural chemicals and drugs. Adequate magnetic energy also softens or eliminates scar tissue formed during the healing process. Pulsed biomagnetism does not deal with polarity magnetic healing but attempts to return the ‘injured’ cells back to health with pulsing.

Here are a few healing results from magnets from Gary Null’s book “Healing With Magnets”.

  Aging. Magnets activate life-promoting enzymatic activity which, in turn, encourages normal cell division. This creates a healthier organism and may then slow down the aging process. Several studies on animals show magnetic therapy to increase lifespan. In order to balance the energy of the organs and glands throughout the body, it has been suggested that one apply magnetic fields to the whole body. Sleeping on a magnetic bed is an excellent way to accomplish this. Drinking magnetized water is another good habit to get into. Additionally, injured or weak areas of the body can be strengthened by applying magnets to these specific sites.

Relief from Pain and Discomfort.  The most common use of magnetic fields is in the treatment of pain, with reports of successful treatment in a wide variety of conditions, including arthritis, rheumatism, fibromyalgia, back pain, headaches, muscle sprains and strains, joint pain, tendonitis, shoulder pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and torn ligaments. A noteworthy American double-blind, placebo-controlled study on the effects of static magnets on the treatment of arthritis was recently published in the ®MDBR ̄ Journal of Rheumatology®MDNM ̄ (November 1997, p. 1200). The study confirms the effectiveness of magnets in relieving the pain of arthritis. Another scientific study of similar rigor is being carried out by Dr. Zimmerman and is looking at the effects of fixed magnets on low back pain. There is good reason to expect confirmation of what users have been claiming for years–that magnets are an excellent aid to pain relief. To understand how magnets work to alleviate pain, it may help to look at pain mechanisms in the body.

   Pain is transmitted along nerve cells as an electric signal. While quiescent, the nerve has a small charge of about -70 mV. A pain signal depolarizes a cell. Magnets appear to raise the depolarization potential of the cell so that the signal is blocked from depolarization, in effect, blocking the pain. Furthermore, the ability of the nerve to send pain is slowed by a magnetic field. These phenomena can aid in the relief of pain throughout the body. Pain relief may be enhanced when a magnet’s negative pole is placed over certain acupuncture meridians. Research and clinical experience show that magnets increase energy (qi) along these points.

    The combination of therapies works synergistically so that their combined effects are greater than the sum of their effects would be if they were used separately. In addition, acupuncturists like magnets because they are painless and allow the treatment to continue long after a visit. Reduction of Inflammation and Improved Circulation. Injured tissue emits a positive charge; placing the negative pole of a magnet over the area appears to restore a natural balance in the following way: The magnet improves circulation, allowing blood vessels to dilate and bring a greater volume of blood flow to the injured area.

   This helps to bring in natural healers and to remove the toxic byproducts of inflammation–bradykinens, prostaglandins, and histamines–all of which contribute to inflammation and pain. Thus, pain and inflammation are diminished and tissue healing is stimulated. Antimicrobial Effects Magnetic therapy can help the body ward off such microbial invaders as viruses, bacteria, and fungi. It achieves this, in part, by increasing immune function through the oxygenation of white corpuscles, an important part of the immune system’s arsenal. A magnetic field can also function like an antibiotic by lowering acidity, with the result that microorganisms have a more difficult time surviving. In addition, hormonal production is regulated, altering enzymatic activity and biochemical messengers of the

immune system.

   For example, the pineal gland is one large electromagnetic entity. The net effect is to augment the body’s natural ability to resist a variety of germs.

 Stress Reduction. The recent discovery of magnetite in the cells of the brain helps explain the calming effect of biomagnetic healing. A magnetic field applied to the head calms as well as induces a hypnotic sleeping effect on the brain by stimulating the hormone melatonin. Melatonin is known to be anti-stressful, producing a sedating effect in insomniacs. This finding has led to the manufacture of magnetic pillows and pads designed to provide a sound and restful sleep. A person can then awaken with more energy and fewer aches and pains. Correction of Central Nervous System Disorders Dr. William Philpott claims that biomagnetic healing can help central nervous system disorders. He states that such symptoms as hallucinations, delusions, seizures, and panic can be alleviated through biomagnetic therapy without disrupting the patient’s mental alertness and orientation. Also, a magnetic field may reduce the need for tranquilizers and antidepressants. Magnets have been used as well to stop epileptic seizures.

Energy Enhancement.  Biomagnetic therapy is known to increase general well-being by enhancing energy. The normal polarization of a positively charged nucleus with a negatively charged outer membrane permits a cell to function as a healthy entity. However, as the cell performs its daily functions, it becomes depolarized. Depolarized cells equal a tired person. It is believed that magnetic energy has the ability to penetrate all facets of the human body and reach every cell. That translates to greater energy and vitality throughout the body as a whole. Consequently, supplemental biomagnetic therapy can help the body revitalize. One normally revitalizes biological energy during sleep.  This can be enhanced by sleeping in a magnetic field. Then, anabolic hormones, such as melatonin and DHEA, are made. Melatonin, made by the pineal gland, is a master hormone controlling the entire energy system.

Quicker Healing. The medical community has known for years that pulsed biomagnetic therapy promotes the healing process, particularly of bone fractures. For over 40 years, many doctors have used pulsed biomagnetic therapy to treat fractures and have had a high rate of success. Several magnetic instruments have already been FDA-approved and sanctioned for both safety and therapeutic implications. The success of this therapy is attributed, in part, to its facilitating the migration of calcium ions and osteoblasts to heal broken bones in less than the usual time. In addition, the migration of calcium occurs away from joints to reduce painful arthritic joint inflammation. The end result is the noninvasive promotion of natural healing, without the use of unnatural chemicals and drugs. Adequate magnetic energy also softens or eliminates scar tissue formed during the healing process. Some doctors put magnets into the dressings over fractures. In fact, one veterinarian I know, who broke his ankle after falling from a horse, reported following this strategy on himself.

Increased Athletic Endurance and Performance. For years, magnetic therapy has been used around the world on race horses to heal injuries and enhance performance. Doug Hannum, owner of the Equine Therapy Center in Camden, South Carolina, employs magnetic blankets along with other natural healing modalities on animals, and professional riders, such as five-time Olympian Bruce Davidson and world championship rider Dorothy Trapp, ship their steeds to Hannum for therapy. Stunning successes with animals have prompted professional athletes to use magnets. The Russians may have been the first in recent athletic history to have adapted magnetic therapy to foster greater athletic strength and achievement. Today, many notable American athletes embrace this technology as well. Denver Bronco linebacker Bill Romanowski revitalized his aching body by sleeping on a magnetic mattress pad. Yankee pitcher Irabu plays with dozens of magnets stuck to his body. Top golfer Jim Colbert endorses magnets. And professional football player Steve Atwinter, a seven-time pro-bowler, says, “I am not waiting for scientists to bless it. I only know it works.”     Even high schools are turning to magnetic therapy to improve athletic performance. Although the effect of increased endurance and performance is known, the cause is not definitively understood. It is felt that magnetic energy warms up the muscles and joints so that performance is increased. At least as important, serious injuries are reduced. In addition, it is known that magnetic energy increases blood flow to the muscles, thereby increasing strength at these work sites.

   Specific Uses. In addition to its general benefits, biomagnetic healing may help a variety of specific conditions. This is not to say that magnets will cure absolutely, irreversibly, and indefinitely. How much good they do varies from person to person and depends upon such factors as the depth of the problem, how long the condition has been in existence, and how strong the magnet is.

   Also, when using magnets for chronic longstanding conditions, where the tissues have not been getting adequate blood flow, you may at first get an exacerbation of symptoms. Some people call this a healing crisis. The discomfort usually passes in 24 to 48 hours.

North (Negative) Pole ~ Black Pulling  Female Principle

South (Positive) Pole ~ Red Pushing  Male Principle

  A 1997 study at Baylor College of Medicine concluded permanent magnets reduce pain in post-polio patients. The results of that study were heralded in newspapers throughout the country, most notably in a Jan. 6, 1999, story in The New York Times.

Around the same time, national magazines reported on the growing use of magnets by champion senior golfers and other professional athletes to relieve pain, resulting in an explosion of magnetic jewelry and other magnetic items for therapeutic use.

   Though studies by the Medical Mafia are few and far between, another study of using magnets to heal was conducted by the NIH in 2017, titled, “Biomagnetic Pair Therapy and Typhoid Fever: A Pilot Study”

Results: Most of the participants (10 of 13) retested as negative, and all patients reported symptomatic clinical improvement. Conclusions: As a significant majority of participants demonstrated clearing of their S. typhi after BPT, this technique should be studied further in larger trials for its efficacy in treating typhoid fever.

The only study to date on this issue was published in the September 1990 issue of the “Journal of the National Medical Association.” Scientists took petri dishes full of cancer cells and put them in either the biomagnetic north pole end of a magnetic resonance imaging facility or the biomagnetic south pole end. In three weeks, the petri dishes in the north pole end exhibited a dramatic decrease in cell growth, which is what you what you want to see with cancer cells. The dishes in the south end exhibited a slight, but detectable, increase in the rate of cell growth. However, subsequent experiments have proven that magnetic placements can mitigate, arrest and eliminate cancer cells.

  It should be noted that today, magnetic therapy is well established in other countries, such as South America, Mexico, Japan, China, India, Austria, and Germany. In the US you will be sued and fined for using words like “remedy”, “cure”, “Improve” and “Restore”. I cover more of these legalese in Appendix VI “Setting Up Your Biomag Business”.

The North Pole is NOT magnetic North since the Earths’ core is magnetic and the South Pole is really the positively charged Antarctic Circle

1. The actual north pole of the magnet is defined as the north-GEOGRAPHIC seeking pole, and this is because that is where the Earth’s magnetic SOUTH pole is.

2. The actual south pole of the magnet is defined as the south-GEOGRAPHIC seeking pole, and this is because that is where the Earth’s magnetic NORTH pole is.

3. The earth’s magnetic NORTH POLE is in the south (geographically), and the earth’s magnetic SOUTH POLE is in the north (geographically).

New Frontiers of Biomagnetism

Animal magnetism refers to how they orient themselves using Earth’s magnetic field. It would make sense that to counter an insects magnetic biology, opposing magnets may disrupt their fields and keep them from attacking. Dr. Garcia has found many, many issues and symptoms to common illness’ related to the mosquito as seen in this chart he designed for placements for mosquito bites and infections.

This is an article from “Why Magnets may Repel Mosquitoes and other Predatory Insects Thesis’Theory in Practice” ‘by Stephen Verdon, Ph.D

   The presence of the magnet elicited a distinct reaction from Mosquitoes –they dart away from it. To determine the strength of this repugnant force, we examined the results with several other people who were ‘covered’ with Mosquitoes from Head to Toe. It appears that the only person in our experimental group that was not being ‘Eaten Alive’ was Michael Saxon (Field Researcher) who was the only person wearing magnets around his neck and wrist.

   This is a condition commonly known as ‘Tonic Immobility’ or a Temporary Paralysis that naturally occurs when Mosquitoes are disrupted before they bite. Sure enough, the magnets repelled the Mosquitoes with surprising results.Why the intense reaction? The apparent interaction between Atmospheric Static Electricity and Magnetically Charged Magnemax ‘Earths-Core’ Magnets produces a weak but notable electromagnetic field. When a Mosquito comes close to that field, it seems to disrupt the Mosquitoes Sixth-Sense aka Electroreception. Many speciesof Mosquitoes have sensory receptors that detect minute changes of electricity in the air. These electrical impulses originate and are carried through Atmospheric Ions.

   Mosquitoes are literally wired for hunting. These predators are equipped with a special sense known as Electroreception which allows them to home in on their prey with precise accuracy. Other members of the Mosquito family also share this trait but the Common Mosquitoes Electroreception (Electroreceptive animals use this sense to locate objects around them) are the extremely finely tuned.Electroreception is used in electrolocation (detecting objects) and for electrocommunication. Electroreception simply means the ability to detect Electrical or Magnetic currents.

   What does electricity have to do with Mosquitoes? Any muscular movement or twitches in living animals create a small electrical current. At hospitals, electrocardiogram machines track the electricity resulting from our heart beat. Bees for example, collect a positive static charge while flying through the air (see Atmospheric electricity). When a bee visits a flower, the charge deposited on the flower takes a while to leak away into the ground. Bees can detect both the presence and the pattern of electric fields on flowers and use this information to know if a flower has been recently visited by another bee and is therefore likely to have a reduced concentration of pollen.

   The mechanism of electric field reception in animals living in the air like bees is based on mechano-reception, not electroreception. Bees receive the electric field changes via the Johnston’s organs in their antennae and possibly other mechano-receptors. They distinguish different temporal patterns and learn them. During the waggle dance, Honeybees appear to use the electric field emanating from the dancing bee for distance communication.

   These electrical impulses originate and are carried through Atmospheric Ions. Open air does not conduct this electricity away from our bodies, but for Mosquitoes it does. Ions are particles that have an electrical charge because they have lost or gained an electron. Static Electricity is easily transported by Humidity. You can compare this to how batteries work. It’s set up like an electro chemical cell that separates negative from positively charged ions.

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