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Sneak Peak ApPlied Biomag Healing 101 ~ Appendix I

The Question Tree

The healing comes from a level of everyone’s highest potential— that all encompassing, infinite, unbounded level of one’s connection to their very existence. One does not have to travel anywhere to find That. It is already fully present with everyone. I use my intuition to ‘feel’ the presence of each person. Due to almost five decades of meditation, my access to Source is very smooth. My awareness acts as a bridge for everyone in the distance healing session. However, there is more. Once the bridge is formed, you don’t need me anymore. I am only a temporary bridge until each person can access the infinite resource of their own Divine Being independently. I look forward to serving you.  ~ Dorothy Rowe

Pre Exam Ph Scan

You may want to muscle scan for pH levels before the session. After, scan again to see if the pH levels have improved. This can be used as a baseline for your own proof that the session has been successful.

    Make sure the Soul you are facilitating is agreeable to change behaviors, diets, lifetstyles, etc. that has caused the issues to arise. I also always ask is they wish to get healed when I begin the session work.

1) Record Before and After. Make sure to photograph/film any physical issues before session work begins so a before and after are proof of successful sessions!

2) Manage Expectations. Not everyone can be healed using magnets and some issues

Will take longer than other issues. Generally, the more serious issues, the more

issues one has, the longer it can take to fully heal. Many sessions can be needed.

3) Scan Dr. Garcia’s Protocol Scan Sheet first, including Most Common Pathogens

(if you find Malaria, Tuberculosis, Epstein Barr Virus, Rabies, Psuedomona Auregonsa and/or Yersinia Pestis, then do all placements for that pathogen).

4) Scan by Symptoms And Issues and Ailments.

(Note that body parts may have been removed, i.e. Thyroid take out, yet energetically

placements may still be needed or asked for.)

5) Scan by Emotions as found or first or last

7) Scan for Reservoir Clearing to purge toxic cells broken up during session work.

8) Scan Nutritional Charts for Additional Supplements and Diets as well as Ch. 7.

Too the Roots of the Problems.

In the Questions You Will Find the Answer

My Scanning Protocol

  I start with the low hanging fruit of issues the soul is experiencing with the first session work. The next session I drill down to the branch and trunk of the issues of what is causing the ailments and issues and then, on the 3rd session, I go deep into the emotional, and sometimes Spiritual, clearing needed for full recovery. Remember that Dr. Garcia has stated that over 80% of our physical issues are emotionally based.

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Sneak Peak Ch 1. Biomag Healing 101

Chapter 1 What is Biomagnetism?

     Definitions of Health. 10 Golden Rules of Biomagnetism. Effects of Biomagnetism on the Human Body. How Biomagnetism Works. Magnet Polarities. Biomagnetic Scanning.

The power of the magnetic force is one of the most basic powers in nature. We know that magnetism itself was an ingredient in the primordial soup of our Creation event from which this one Universe began. Magnetism is the force that keeps order in all things by attraction. The Laws of Attraction keeps Nature in perpetual balance over vast periods of time, which is also what biomagnetic healings goals are, to bring us back into balance where pathogens can no longer exist and optimal, prolonged healing and wellbeing occurs. Bottom line is that we don’t get old, we get mold!

Importantly, since 1978, the FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) officially recognizes that magnetic energy application has no health risk and accepts the use of it for healing therapeutic purposes. With few exceptions, Biomag Healing only does not effective change the body if magnets are placed improperly. There is nothing to regulate and everyone can use magnets to heal.

Emotional issues make up most of our physical maladies and this is one of the many reasons why there is no one panacea for everyone at once. Everyone is different to heal, which is why this healing protocol is specific to the individual but can also mitigate common terrain toxicities we all acquire as well. We are each unique but not special. BiomagHealing drills down to each individuals own issues and symptoms to find healing placements and can also heal common maladies we all inherit.

 Did you know?

• The microbial signature of each individual, as well as its genome, is unique.

• In every cm2 of our skin, there are about 10,000 bacteria; however, at the hair follicle level in the dermis, there are 1,000,000 bacteria per cm2.

• Two strains of bacteria are considered to belong to the same species when greater than 70% of their total DNA resembles each other.

• The genetic similarity between a human and a cat is 90%, the human and a mouse 85%, and human with a banana 50%. Man has more than 96% of his DNA equal to that of the chimpanzee.

• Scientists estimate that there are at least 320,000 viruses, just in mammals alone, yet to be discovered.

• If we assume that the 62,305 of the known vertebrate species harbor 58 viruses each, the number of unknown viruses rises to 3,613,690. The number rises to 100,939,140 viruses if we include the 1,740,330 known species of vertebrates, invertebrates, plants, lichens, mushrooms, and brown algae. This number does not include viruses of bacteria, archaea, and other single-celled organisms.

Definitions of Health

Allopathic Medicine: Health is the absence of symptoms or disease.

WHO: Health is a state of complete physical, mental,and social well-being, and not only the absence of dis-ease or infirmity.

Claude Bernard: Health depends on the internal balance of living organisms. With pH determining the aspect of such internal balance.

Medical Biomagnetism: Health depends on theorganic entropy and that its body’s metabolism con-forms to the parameters that are within three tenths of neutral pH toward acidity or alkalinity. But these levels are not static, they are constantly in a state of activity and synergy.

Bioenergetics is the part of biochemistry concerned with the energy involved in making and breaking of chemical bonds in the molecules found in biological organisms. It can also be defined as the study of energy relationships and energy transformations and transductions in living organisms.

Medical Bioenergetics: It was proven that the power of the mind could replace magnetic energy, and this has opened new fields that allow us to research subjective concepts of psychology, emotionality and spirituality. In understanding its etiology, which often is at the level of the subconscious mind, these often cause pathologies or dysfunctions, but when they are brought to consciousness can be overcome or be forgiven with the consequential improvement or healing of the patient. 

   Energy healing, intelligently directs attention to the origins of illness or concern with the intention to promote healing. As a result, this allows the body’s own intelligence to transform the seed of discomfort to its balanced state energetically. The source of the suffering then dissolves as energetic balance is achieved and maintained. The area which it occupied then takes on the form of the original intention of health. Most important, this non-invasive process is easy to learn and get results almost immediately. Healers become conduits, or what I call “Facilitators” to helping another Self-Heal naturally and organically. This keeps the power to heal oneself, with one’s self to achieve, and maintain perpetual wellbeing and homeostatic balance. It also keeps the power to heal within one’s own possession and not have to rely on men in white coats to ‘fix’ them.

   When I traveled to Tibet they did not have doctors, they had “facilitators”. When I asked “why?”, they told me because they would never dream of taking the power to heal away from the individual. Heal thyself to be true!


Description automatically generated10 GOLDEN RULES OF BIOMAGNETISM  by Doctor Luis Garcia:

1)Biomagnetism therapy is a diagnostic and therapeutic procedure.

2) The positive biomagnetic pole is formed by hydrogen ions (H+) and the presence of pathogenic viruses.

3) The negative biomagnetic pole is formed by free radicals and pathogenic bacteria.

4) The magnetic poles are in vibrational and energetic resonance.

5) The biomagnetic poles are depolarized by the magnetic induction of fields greater than 1000 Gauss.

6) Biomagnetic induction is instantaneous but the charge is exhausted in seconds

7) The ideal magnetic fields for the clinical level of induction are between 5,000 and 20,000 core Gauss.

8) When the biomagnetic poles are impacted, the pathogenic viruses lose their genetic information, and the bacteria its favorable alkaline environment for its metabolism and reproduction.

9) Theoretically, it only requires one impact to eradicate a biomagnetic pair, and it does not reactivate.

10) At the Normal Energetic Level (NEL), pathogenic microorganisms cannot survive, but their metabolites (toxins) may continue to circulate (Ex: Clostridium tetani and tetanus toxins (Tetanospasmin and tetanolysin).

A picture containing text, book, wave

Description automatically generatedCritical Compliment Book for Most Effective Biomag Healing

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biomagnet, also know as a healing magnet or therapy magnet, is simply a magnet that is applied to the body for health benefits.

These are not just any ordinary magnet you may find lying around the house or stuck to your refrigerator door. Biomagnets are manufactured specifically for the purpose of physical, mental and emotional healing; they emit a static magnetic field.

Though we have discovered a lot about Magnet Therapy, there is still much to learn. While all experts agree that magnets work, many topics within the field of Magnetic Therapy are controversial. The following information is offered to help clarify what could otherwise be a confusing topic and to familiarize you with some common terminology.

Many types of magnets come into play within the field of Magnet Therapy. Not all magnets are permanent magnets, some are temporarily magnetized. Temporary magnets can lose their magnetism (magnetic charge). A permanent magnet makes the best healing magnet.

Medical biomagnetism, as a procedure of physical and natural order as well as external, does not produce iatrogenia or undesirable side effects. Healing mechanism

Theoretically, the charges of the biomagnetic pair have the same intensity, the same number of elementary particles and the same bionergetic frequency so that when facing each other due to the magnetic induction, their respective potentials are canceled, and at that moment the viruses lose its genetic information and bacteria its pathogenic capacity. This phenomenon allows us to identify syndromes in their etiological components, whether they are bacterial, mycotic, parasitic, dysfunctional, toxic or genetic viral; and mostly cure them.

Mental scan and distance healing.

In 1994 the medical Biomagnetism gave a “quantum leap” since Dr. Goiz was able to mentally detect the phenomena of bioenergetic polarization. That is to say, he was able to obtain the shortening of the patient’s hemibody without having to do the scan with the negative magnet. It was enough to ask “mentally” about the different points to obtain a physical response.

Basics of biomagnetism Q&A

What is the history of Magnet Therapy?

Magnetism is both leading-edge science and traditional therapy that has been used by the Chinese for 5,000 years. Since then, many cultures have tried magnets with varying results. It is said that Cleopatra had a lode stone (natural magnet) under her pillow to sleep on at night. Paracelsus, a scientist in the late 1400’s, used them successfully with seizures and many other illnesses. More recently, dual pole magnets have proven to be an effective healing protocol for most diseases.

What is BioMagnet Therapy and Zeta Potential?

The penetration value is how deep into the tissue the magnetic effect penetrates.   It is very simple – if there is a deep tissue condition, the magnet must be strong enough to penetrate the energy to stimulate the cells correctly.  Remember that the effect of the magnets is an all or nothing scenario.  The magnets are either 100% effective, or they do no harm = 0% effective.  All biomagnetic therapeutic magnets are designed to specifically reach the required A-Z penetration values. After a quarter of a century of development, you can be assured the magnetic power used in this therapy has been designed for the proper penetration values to help the body heal rapidly – whether you have pain, chronic illness or an acute condition.