One thought on “Jaramillo Soup for Super Healthy Children and Babies”

  1. Breastmilk is the gold standard. Nourish ur mommas better if needed, but don’t keep breastmilk from them in favor of an artificial formula attempt at infant nutrition. Don’t supplement breastmilk till at least 6 mos, more likely 8 mos. Supplement with high nutrient density foods like liver and egg yolk and meat broths, not grains or tubers. No pacifiers, cosleep with ur babies and keep ur milk supply up; stay well hydrated too.
    I can imagine in Colombia, artificial replacement formula is highly promoted to take advantage of the population’s ignorance and make a fortune. Along with mother’s poor diets, the Jaramillo soup may appear good. Educate parents! Feed the mothers better! Don’t go after breastfeeding!

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