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You can view the dozens of testimonials on my website for concrete proof and first person testimonials as well as in Appendix III in the book.

I can send you book(s) at a discount if you wish, rather than pay Amazon, that includes a pair of magnets so you can get started self-healing right away just email me your request. Email me @

There is no book like this in the world today that covers the vast subtle energy remedies that are achieved using magnets and change of lifestyle. From the Ancient Chinese (Chi) to Egypt (Ka) to Vedic (Prana) have used magnets to heal, yet the Western Med -i-Sin has no word for subtle energy healing that can be done at a distance and remotely. How about “duh” ?

This book is for YOU. When/if you learn this most amazing healing protocol you can begin immediately getting results once you learn to muscle test.

 “The Bible” I call it is necessary for healing session work. To get the “Bible” order here: Thank you Dr. Garcia, Dr. Goiz, and Dr. Randolph Stone
This book is meant to be a “Scriptures” in more of a “how to apply and get results” intention which I lay out for all in the first two appendices in the book. I also rewrite current and past HIS story about magnetic healing and the burying of it by Rockefeller men in 1910….And now it rises once more, and this book will, hopefully, give you the proper guidance and knowledge to get effective and consistent results, both in person and remotely at a distance.

Biomag 101 Color Book on Amazon

Biomag 101 BW

11 thoughts on “Free Biomag Healing 101 Book Now Available”

  1. I have found some studies that ph of the body will assist in the dissembly of gold nano rods, it may help dramatically along with biomagnetic healing to clear this out of the body. I still need to further look into this and educate some more but I do believe there are answers out there. Thank you to all that value the truth.

  2. Jamie, your research is unmatched, I’m not sure if you have a hard working clone to help you but by God how do you have the time patience and desire to dedicate what looks like every waking minute of your life to what most of us just have time to read or watch ? Anyhow, cheers for the brilliant data and info. you put out that keeps people like me educated and in the process of reversing the dumbing down ideology. thank you from the bottom of my heart of hearts. You sir absolutely Rock.


  3. How generous of you! Thank you so much! I can’t wait to read and delve more into the world of biomagnetism!

  4. Amazing book- thank you for the time you’ve taken to assemble and make available such crucial information.

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