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Sneak Peak Biomag101 Chapter 1 ~ What is Biomagentism?

Chapter 1 What is Biomagentism?

     Who, What, Where, Why and How? Terrain and Domain. Femine Devine Attraction. Snowflakes and Unicorns. Distance Healing.


1. When a magnet is applied to the human body, the passage of magnetic waves through the tissues produces an increase in temperature due to the impact of electrons on the cells of the body. The impacts are very effective in reducing pain and swelling in the muscles, etc.

2.Blood activity is accelerated while the calcium and cholesterol deposits in the blood are diminished. Materials adhered to the inner side of the veins, which cause high blood pressure, decrease, and tend to fade. The blood is cleansed, and circulation is increased. The activities of the heart are facilitated, and the pain disappears.

3. The autonomy functions of the nerves are normalized in such a way that the internal organs recover their own function.

4. Magnetic waves penetrate the skin, fatty tissues, and bones, invigorating the organs. The result is greater resistance to diseases.

    Although state-of-the-art American medicine uses techniques to monitor magnetic fields, such as electrocardiograms, electroencephalograms, and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI’s), it has not taken other forms of magnetic healing modalities seriously. More and more American studies, however, are confirming the value of the magnetic approach. As a result, magnet therapy is gaining credibility in the U.S. and being applied by increasing numbers of doctors and other health practitioners to bring the body back to optimal ph balance a wide range of ailments. Now awareness of this modality is filtering down to the general public, as increasing numbers of people are sleeping on magnetic beds at night and wearing small magnets during the day for greater energy, preventive purposes, and healing.

  Magnetism is both leading-edge science and traditional “therapy” that has been used by the Chinese for 5,000 years.  Since then, many cultures have tried magnets with varying results. It is said that Cleopatra had a lode stone (natural magnet) under her pillow to sleep on at night. Paracelsus, a scientist in the late 1400’s, used them successfully with seizures and many other illnesses. More recently, dual pole magnets have proven to be an effective healing protocol for most diseases.

 Since 1978, the FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) officially recognizes that magnetic energy application has no health risk and accepts the use of it for healing therapeutic purposes.

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Appendix I ~ The Question Tree Method

Question Tree

The healing comes from a level of everyone’s highest potential— that all encompassing, infinite, unbounded level of one’s connection to their very existence. One does not have to travel anywhere to find That. It is already fully present with everyone. I use my intuition to ‘feel’ the presence of each person. Due to almost five decades of meditation, my access to Source is very smooth. My awareness acts as a bridge for everyone in the distance healing session. However, there is more. Once the bridge is formed, you don’t need me anymore. I am only a temporary bridge until each person can access the infinite resource of their own Divine Being independently. I look forward to serving you.

                                                                                                ~ Dorothy Rowe

Pre Exam

You may want to muscle scan for pH levels before the session. After, scan again to see if the pH levels have improved. This can be used as a baseline for your own proof that the session has been successful.

In the Questions You Will Find the Answer

Why are you here today for this soul session? What are your intentions to assist this soul? Do you have any expectations or desires of outcomes? Is your scanning biased at all by your feelings for this person?

Muscle test will guide you through the entire healing protocol question tree presented here. Trust your muscle testing and go back again and confirm, confirm, confirm until you are satisfied, and muscle testing confirms, you have assisted this soul all you can with this session.

It is critically important that you ask permission and the abilities to conduct a soul session with that individual you wish to assist and help. Some are not ready to be healed and may have unresolved karma conflicts that need to still be experienced.


It is critical that the more specific your Yes/No question is, the more accurate response you will get.  (i.e. What is wrong with this person? Vs. Are their issues here to deal with today in the head, neck, etc..? Is this placement correct?, Does there need to be another placement associated? Do they need follow up placements? If so, when..??, etc., etc.)

1) To Spirit guide, “Will you allow me to help this soul today”?  (Make sure to say “help them today”. You may be able to assist them in the future and you wish to focus on today. If no, ask if there would be another time to assist? Days, weeks, etc?

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biomagnet, also know as a healing magnet or therapy magnet, is simply a magnet that is applied to the body for health benefits.

These are not just any ordinary magnet you may find lying around the house or stuck to your refrigerator door. Biomagnets are manufactured specifically for the purpose of physical, mental and emotional healing; they emit a static magnetic field.

Though we have discovered a lot about Magnet Therapy, there is still much to learn. While all experts agree that magnets work, many topics within the field of Magnetic Therapy are controversial. The following information is offered to help clarify what could otherwise be a confusing topic and to familiarize you with some common terminology.

Many types of magnets come into play within the field of Magnet Therapy. Not all magnets are permanent magnets, some are temporarily magnetized. Temporary magnets can lose their magnetism (magnetic charge). A permanent magnet makes the best healing magnet.

Medical biomagnetism, as a procedure of physical and natural order as well as external, does not produce iatrogenia or undesirable side effects. Healing mechanism

Theoretically, the charges of the biomagnetic pair have the same intensity, the same number of elementary particles and the same bionergetic frequency so that when facing each other due to the magnetic induction, their respective potentials are canceled, and at that moment the viruses lose its genetic information and bacteria its pathogenic capacity. This phenomenon allows us to identify syndromes in their etiological components, whether they are bacterial, mycotic, parasitic, dysfunctional, toxic or genetic viral; and mostly cure them.

Mental scan and distance healing.

In 1994 the medical Biomagnetism gave a “quantum leap” since Dr. Goiz was able to mentally detect the phenomena of bioenergetic polarization. That is to say, he was able to obtain the shortening of the patient’s hemibody without having to do the scan with the negative magnet. It was enough to ask “mentally” about the different points to obtain a physical response.