A Long Overdue Tribute to Dr. Luis Garcia

My story begins with Dr. Garcia, like most of us, out of pain and suffering. 

Like many before me to meet Dr. Garcia, we were lost and out of hopium as to how to heal ourselves. My journey was 6 years of increasing pain in my legs and my throat until I met someone who happened to have trained under Dr. Goiz and helped me improve with magnets, especially noticeable after my 3rd session using magnets on me, once remotely. This was back in Spring of 2019.

I then happened to find that Dr. Garcia was offering a Beyond Biomagnetism course in New Jersey as I sought to learn more about this most amazing healing protocol, and that decision to take his 5 day intensive course changed the course of my life forever, and many others as well.

I grew up in a medicine family (urologist, 2 RN surgical nurses, dentist, HMO, etc..) and never heard of a Dr. taking time to train and educate lay people like myself who had no medical training whatsoever. Unheard of! And yet he is booked for 6 months out and more of his time, to share what he has learned about Biomagnetism with anyone who wants to learn from the Master himself.

Not only is Dr. Garcia been an MD for 24 yrs (?) but the past 13 years he has solely devoted his ..ahem “practice”..to full time learning and applying Biomag healing. Not only is helping the incurable, performing miracles daily for 13 years on, but even more important, IMHO, is that he is cutting edge cataloguing over 3,000 (not just the 1,000 in “The Bible”) placements to scan and place with.

In addition, he brought the ENGLISH version of biomagnetism to the USA Inc. where only Dr. Goiz would teach in the US in Espanol. This was huge in all of us gaining access to the greatest healing protocol the world has ever known!  Dr. Goiz’s classes, still to this day, require people who take his families workshops to sign a “I will never be a teacher or biomagnetism clause”, truth be told, and still a translator is used when the son, Moises, lectures the workshops. Dr. Goiz never put together any type of ‘blueprint to Biomag healing like Dr. Garcia has with, what I feel, is the greatest healing book of all time, the Biomag ..ahem..”Practioners” Guide (I ain’t practin’, I’m a healin’!)

To also set the record straight, Dr. Goiz is not the founder of modern day Biomag Healing, Dr. Randolph Stone is, as you can read in about Dr. Stone here. Interestingly, in the 1980’s he became so frustrated with why no one wanted to learn to heal what he learned about Biomag energy healing, he got frustrated and lived out his life in an Ashram in India to mediate on why Man does not want to do the right thing!  https://biomaghealer.org/2020/04/21/dr-randolph-stone-polarity-therapy-book-pdf/

What needs to be addressed here, which Dr. Garcia is way to much of a gentlemen to bring up, is that The Goiz Group relentlessly attacks Dr. Garcia, so much he has had to file a lawsuit to stop the harrassments.. To this day, the GG continue to monitor his great progress to help heal others and sets their workshop dates directly before his workshops to steal his thunder, no less. This is not the first time they have pulled this stunt either, truth be told, not sold!

With “The” Biomag Bible of Dr. Garcia’s and his protocol laid out from his deep research and his findings, spanning 5 days a week, several sessions a day, for 13 years on…you, and all, can learn to heal the world yourself and then teach others.

Nowhere else will you find such profound, deep knowledge on how to learn to be a “Biomagtician” yourself. Once one learns to muscle test, with the proper protocol, anyone and everyone can now heal and we can begin to heal a very, very sickly world. How cool is that to be a part of?

All thanks to Dr. Garcia, Dr. Goiz before him and Dr. Randolph Stone before Biomag Healing was buried by Western Rockefeller Medicine in 1910 with the Flexner Report as you can read about in my book here.

And to learn why Magnetism is THE greatest healer if all time. Please watch this extremely valuable video by Manly P. Hall, a 33rd degree Freemason.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1pb24JG_r2c


Behind every great man…

   Juliana is the glue that allows Dr. G to share as much as he can with us as well as offer products we need to be a successful, non-practicing healer to ourselves and others.

So following my 5 day intensive I came home and began to help others and that grew through my social networking where I was able to share my journey into Biomag Healing and bring Doc G out to California in the Fall of Oct 2019 for him to train 32 souls with his 5 day intensive workshop..and INTENSIVE is the key word here!

Not only did everyone be so fortunate to learn his amazing protocol, but the fires began in CA during the workshop and the power went out, with flights uncertain, 3 hours away for all to return to their homes from across the country they had come!  but it all worked out..except for …

The last night of the event in my neighborhood in the country of Northern California, I was sitting for last supper at the table with Dr. Garcia, Juliana, and his two staff, Louis and Danielle. (Danielle is another ‘miracle cure’ by Doc G, fyi)

So we are eating together and I get attacked again, like I have in the past and start …no nice way to say this..but began throwing up my food at our table, as a piece of meat became lodged in my esophagus, like had happened previously to my first Biomag sessions when I could not swallow anything for months…and now it came back with a vengeance..

And in front of all, for over an hour, I choked and puked into Danielle’s favorite coffee mug she brought all the way with her from the East Coast to us! No shit!

So during dinner, Dr. G, begins placing magnets, scanning me again, placing more, or Danielle did the placements..for over an hour and by morning I was 90% recovered. Interestingly, after all his findings, he finally found Yersinia Pestis, the most common pathogen caused by aerosol spraying or Geoengineering..the exact same diagnosis that a previous healer had found in me that cleared up my throat issues the first time!

Unbeknownst to everyone at the time, there was another crisis going on with “N” all the way out from Minnesota, who had such a panic attack she was asking to have her friend take her over the hill to the emergency room because she was in such in deep agony and gut pain like she had never felt before (mother of 3!)..

Her friend went to Dr. G at the dinner table, while he was trying to eat after lecturing all day, while he was assisting me……he scanned her, Her friend placed 3 pair of magnets and within 20 minutes “N” was fine and out of pain and giggling….true story!

Doc G humbly performs miracles daily and he has so graciously shared this great gift with me and others so that we too can perform miracles, like the life I saved a few months ago using Biomag Healing protocol, when a man was poisoned by his wife who tried to kill him a night while I was hosting my Monday night webinars.

He has gone to Africa to heal malaria in African Villages. He has gone to schools and met football players and helped alleviate brain trauma with his proprietary Trauma Brain Injury protocol. He has turned us onto Biomag Water and that magnets will, and are, protecting our own magnetic fields, just in being around magnets constantly and may protect ourselves and others more from the attacks occurring on us all now through the water, air, Pfood and vx’s.

He has also shared his colleagues friends recipe for Uber Healthy babies and children in the Jaramillo soup that works incredibly and is testified by tens of thousands of parents as to its amazing efficacy on the youth with the soup alone. https://biomaghealer.org/2019/11/17/no-more-unhealthy-babies-the-incredible-testimony-of-jaramillo-soup-results/

After my show, tired and not on my game, he needed deep emotion and toxin clearing, which I did remotely, hardly even knowing the gentlemen in pain but it worked..again. He was able to reach Dr. Garcia a few days later and this was Dr. G’s response to what he had found and what had happened AND one of proudest moments of my life to have received this confirmation from him. He said the following:

There is nothing that Biomag Healing cannot do and Dr. Garcia, beyond any other being on Earth that I am aware of, has so selflessly and graciously brought Biomag Healing to the English speaking world and beyond. His deep research has furthered our knowledge and understanding of the vast great potentiality of Universal Biomag healing to come.

Just in the past two years we have learned we are able to greatly heal remotely, use packaged coding with our intention to activate groups of placements at once, like the most common pathogens lists, and to even use surrogate Manny and Maggy Quins for our proxies to set placements to heal, saving vast amounts of time and not needing a live body in person, which is HUGE! For me and others.

As the darkness prevails, Biomag Healing is the light to shine above all others. Dr. Garcia states that 80% plus of our physical issues are caused by emotional trauma, and I will add Spiritual nature as well. Western medi-sin completely ignores this fact and with the world in so much emotional stress and pain, Biomag Healing has found its rhythm and time to shine.

Thanks to Dr. Garcia, we can now begin to heal the world.

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