Sneak Peak ApPlied Biomag Healing 101 ~ Appendix I

The Question Tree

The healing comes from a level of everyone’s highest potential— that all encompassing, infinite, unbounded level of one’s connection to their very existence. One does not have to travel anywhere to find That. It is already fully present with everyone. I use my intuition to ‘feel’ the presence of each person. Due to almost five decades of meditation, my access to Source is very smooth. My awareness acts as a bridge for everyone in the distance healing session. However, there is more. Once the bridge is formed, you don’t need me anymore. I am only a temporary bridge until each person can access the infinite resource of their own Divine Being independently. I look forward to serving you.  ~ Dorothy Rowe

Pre Exam Ph Scan

You may want to muscle scan for pH levels before the session. After, scan again to see if the pH levels have improved. This can be used as a baseline for your own proof that the session has been successful.

    Make sure the Soul you are facilitating is agreeable to change behaviors, diets, lifetstyles, etc. that has caused the issues to arise. I also always ask is they wish to get healed when I begin the session work.

1) Record Before and After. Make sure to photograph/film any physical issues before session work begins so a before and after are proof of successful sessions!

2) Manage Expectations. Not everyone can be healed using magnets and some issues

Will take longer than other issues. Generally, the more serious issues, the more

issues one has, the longer it can take to fully heal. Many sessions can be needed.

3) Scan Dr. Garcia’s Protocol Scan Sheet first, including Most Common Pathogens

(if you find Malaria, Tuberculosis, Epstein Barr Virus, Rabies, Psuedomona Auregonsa and/or Yersinia Pestis, then do all placements for that pathogen).

4) Scan by Symptoms And Issues and Ailments.

(Note that body parts may have been removed, i.e. Thyroid take out, yet energetically

placements may still be needed or asked for.)

5) Scan by Emotions as found or first or last

7) Scan for Reservoir Clearing to purge toxic cells broken up during session work.

8) Scan Nutritional Charts for Additional Supplements and Diets as well as Ch. 7.

Too the Roots of the Problems.

In the Questions You Will Find the Answer

My Scanning Protocol

  I start with the low hanging fruit of issues the soul is experiencing with the first session work. The next session I drill down to the branch and trunk of the issues of what is causing the ailments and issues and then, on the 3rd session, I go deep into the emotional, and sometimes Spiritual, clearing needed for full recovery. Remember that Dr. Garcia has stated that over 80% of our physical issues are emotionally based.

  Additionally, we know can mitigate effects of our toxic terrain from vaxxines, Pfoods, and Geonegineering issues we all face, so regular checkups and regularly interval scanning as follow up is suggested as well.

Before I even take on a soul to help facilitate their healing, I muscle test to ask this soul is someone I can help today? If yes, I accept the offer to help, if I muscle test and get a “no” response, I do not take on the session. However, their may be a time when you can help them in the future, so you can as that as well by muscle testing. Some souls are not ready to get healed, or they need to overcome other issues and experiences before they are “available” to be healed with magnets.

Soul Sessions

  My general method for assisting healing for a Soul is to start with 3 sessions that can

Go for 45 minutes to several hours in more severe symptoms and issues. Sometimes 3

Sessions, or even one session, can produce profound results. I look at my healing.

Session 1  Fruitful I focus on general clearing using Dr. Garcia’s protocol scan sheet

and the souls issues and symptoms they are experiencing. I call this the “fruit session”

because I’m dealing with the low hang, surface issues that the soul is experiencing.

Session 2   Branches and Trunks The next session I drill down into issues that reoccur

from previous session as well as new findings and then drill down to find exactly where

the toxic cells may be located.

Session 3   Roots I get into emotional clearing as well as another over all scan. There are

After every session I do Reservoir Clearing as my final placements, if needed.

There are literally hundreds of emotions to scan for, as listed below. You can then ask

“with this emotion, is their physical issues we can address with magnets”? If “yes” you would then scan for the correct placements.

Mindful Purpose

It is important to set your own intentions when beginning session work for a soul. What is your purpose today with this individual? Why are you here today for this soul session? What are your intentions to assist this soul? Do you have any expectations or desires of outcomes? Is your scanning biased at all by your feelings for this person?

   Muscle testing will guide you through the entire healing protocol question tree presented here. Trust your muscle testing and go back again and confirm, confirm, confirm until you are satisfied, and muscle testing confirms, you have assisted this soul all you can with this session.

   It is critically important that you ask permission and the abilities to conduct a soul session with that individual you wish to assist and help. Some are not ready to be healed and may have unresolved karma conflicts that need to still be experienced.

   Sidebar: If everyone learns to muscle test then all will have in built in B.S. detectors! And everyone will know who is being deceitful and who is being honest and the world will be healed because all would now have to tell the truth or be outed by each individual!  What a world it will be, indeed.

How long to leave magnets on?

Your latitude where the soul resides will determine timing of how long to keep the magnets on the soul you are assisting since we are connecting with Earth’s magnetic core.

   If north of Mid USA latitudes place for 20 minutes, 15 minutes at SF-NY latitude and less if south of USA borders place for 10 minutes. It matters not if the magnets are left on too long, yet no benefit will be derived.


It is critical that the more specific your Yes/No question is, the more accurate response you will get.  (i.e. What is wrong with this person? Vs. Are their issues here to deal with today in the head, neck, etc..? Is this placement correct? Does there need to be another placement associated? Do they need follow up placements? If so, when..??, etc., etc.)

To Spirit guide, “Will you allow me to help this soul today”?  (Make sure to say “help them today”. You may be able to assist them in the future and you wish to focus on today. If no, ask if there would be another time to assist? Days, weeks, etc?

   My point of view is that I am a conduit for the Spirit being(s) to work through me so I also make sure I am healthy, mentally and physically and have a clear mind. A Biomag Healer should begin by asking what is there goals today? To alleviate pain, to find root causes, to deal with emotional issues.

  ? These questions are in relation to whom you are working with, what are their immediate and long-term needs? How critical is the session? Will they want, be available for, follow up sessions?  I start each session with a prayer of gratitude. This reminds me that I am not the healer. I am only the witness to the transformations which are orchestrated by the presence of God in each person. These healings occur through an activation of the body’s own healing mechanisms.


 In Person Session

In person sessions can last up to 2 hours or more in some cases, so make sure they are warm, comfortable and have gone to the bathroom first. I first do a “Chakra Clearing” to begin the session as to get their energy fields activated. You can see the placement chart below. What I have found this also does is in many cases, bring a physical sensation the soul that they can feel themselves, which helps validate the magnetic healing protocols as well as give them a positive ‘vibe’ that BiomagHealing works.

Another positive effect of the soul just thinking it may help them is called the “placebo effect”. This has proven to occur up to 20% of the time, if the soul “believes” they will get better. The placebo effect is when an improvement of symptoms is observed, despite using a nonactive treatment. It’s believed to occur due to psychological factors like expectations or classical conditioning. Research has found that the placebo effect can ease things like pain, fatigue, or depression.

Hands On Healing

1) Ask “Soul, do you wish to be helped with your issues today”?

If yes, continue. If no, then you need to find out why. Remember, we are facilitators to their own healing.

2) “Soul, how much time do you have for the session today” in case you need to go deeper and want to know if you can facilitate more time.

3) “Soul, are you willing to change diet, lifestyle, etc. to heal yourself”? Listen carefully to their answer. If they waver at all, then they are not willing to do whatever is necessary to heal themselves, so ask them why?

 In Person or Distance Healing

1) “Am I connected to this soul?” Ask at regular intervals during your session work. (Any breaks in focus, again ask if you are still connected to the soul you are assisting).

2) Command the body to speak to you about what it wants in order to heal. “I command you show me what placements this soul needs today”.

Let’s Begin

Intentional Healing and Scanning

Review muscle scanning techniques and become adept at receiving responses to get very comfortable with your muscle testing confirmation process. This video is a teach in for those wishing to learn different ways to muscle test.

Confirmation. Confirmation. Confirmation

Confirming your findings is critical. In that it assures you that you are correct and builds confidence in your placement protocols.  I always, always ask the same? twice

  1. Do I need another placement? No.
  2. Are you sure? Yes.

(This way you get your muscles to confirm, confirm, confirm with movement to ensure your muscle testing is still working properly.)

  There are as many ways to begin to scan someone as there are biomagnetic placements. !

The most effective, the most proven, is far and away Doctor Garcia’s Beyond Biomag Healing Protocol scan sheet that allows for scanning the entire body from head, neck, thorax, abdomen, pelvis, post thorax (back), arm, lets and emotions to begin.

  Or you can also begin with addressing specific issues (emotional, pain, inflammation, insomnia, etc.). This is what I call the “low hanging fruit” in that you can usually get immediate results and it helps alleviate physical issues, but does not get into the emotional, mental, or causal factors of what is the root of the cause.

  As stated earlier, I start my first session looking at the tree of the soul, then the core causal issue, then the emotions and associated pairs. I call it “Drilling Down to Find the Radical Root of the Problem”.  “Radical” means getting to the square root of the problem in mathematics.

  1. Focus on specific issues (insomnia, pain, emotional issues, etc.)
  • Follow Dr Luis Garcia’s Scan Sheet Protocol (recommended)
  • Scan Protocol: 1) Head 2), Neck 3), Thorax 4), Abdomen 5), Pelvis 6), Back 7), Arms 8), Legs and 9) Emotions associated?

Once you locate a placement. Then follow up and muscle test to ask:Ask:

  1. Black on right or left side?  Red on right or left side? (remember to reverse placement to what you see in the Bible)
  2. Then muscle test to ask if each placement is correct? If not correct, ask should the placement be higher, lower, left or right?
  3. Ask if more magnets are needed on this placement? You can just add magnets as needed, I’ve put up to 5 stacks of magnetic pairs at times as needed.
  4. Ask is there are associated pairs with this issue?
  5. If yes, find associated pairs by drilling down, is this in the vein, artery, nerves, bone, ligament, joint or space inbetween? I will bring up anatomy charts to better target the EXACT spot of placement of my intention with the magnets. Remember your intention is the power working with the magnets.
  6. Keep repeating and repeating until you no  longer get any placements needed. When you ask “Are there any more placements I need to help this soul with today”? an you get a “no” response, then your session work is conclude
  7. Ask then, does this soul need a follow up session? And then scan for when..(day, weeks, etc.)

“How long do I leave the magnets on”?  Set time of each placement with your intention. You can then muscle test and ask, “do I need more time on this placement”? If no, then you can remove the magnetic pairs.

Dr. Garcia’s Protocol ~ Drilling Down Body Scan

Some placements are what are called “Personal Pairs”. These are placements unique to each individual and may not be in the Biomag Practioners Guide aka BM Bible, so you must scan to find out where the magnets need to go for this individual.  Once you locate where the black or red placement needs to go, I ask if this placement, be it a pair, or individual black or red placement, is it in the “Biomag Bible”? Is yes I follow Dr. Garcias protocol to locate placements needed, whether as a pair, or individually red or black. If no, I then ask for the specific placement in that area.

Body Scanning


1) “Is this specific issue I am looking for placement in the Head, Neck, ThoraxAbdomen, Pelvis, Arms, Legs, or the Posterior Thorax (back)? (The Beyond Biomag Practitioner’s guide flows this way.)

2) Is the correct placement for the “…..” on this Protocol Scan Sheet?

    a) If no, then it is a specific placement for that soul. Find the placements by drilling down, “does the black go the head, neck, etc..and does the corresponding red placement go…?)

3) If you get a “Yes”, (ex. In the Abdomen, “is it this one, this one…?” ) and go down the scan sheet.

After pair of placements ask:

A) Is this placement is correct?

B) Are more magnets needed?,

C) Are there associated placements needed?

Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

Advanced Scanning

Dr. Garcia’s session work lasts usually for 90 minutes and he will have placed over 30-40 pairs in that time. His scanning goes much deeper than what I described above. For example, he has a virus sheet of over 300 placements alone, as well as lists and lists of other pathogens so he can dial in EXACTLY where he underlying issues are. This is just an outline of further, deeper, more to the root scanning techniques. He has compiled these additional hundreds of placements over his 13 years of BiomagHealing.

Drilling Down to the Roots

1) Scan to Find and Issue and Location

2) Then ask is this issue we are focusing on located in the ?

    a) Arteria

    b) Vein

    c) Nerves

    d) Muscle

    e) Ligament

    f) Joint

    g) Space

3) Once the specific are is located you will need to look at an anatomy chart of the nerve, vein, muscle, etc. identified and ask whether it is in the head, neck, thorax, pelvis, post thorax, arms, legs etc. These can be known common placements in Dr. Garcia’s bible, but likely will be personal placements so you need to search for:

   a) where does the black placement go? And the red? Associated pairs?

   b) will they need follow up placements?

Finally, there are literally a million questions you can asks and verify with muscle testing to find the root of the issues and get effective results that are long lasting. In addition, asking again and again to get confirmation will solidify your validating placements and locations.

Basics Session Reminders

  1. Not everyone is ready to be healed through Biomagnetic Protocols
  2. Manage Expectations about what can and cannot be accomplished
  3. Over 80% of the time the placements are Black down on skin on the Right Side of the body and Red down on skin on Left Side. This is because most of us are heavily inbalanced to an acidic state and need to be much more alkalined to heal and prevent illness.
  4. The images in Dr. Garcia’s Handbook are flipped over from image you see. (ex. If you see black over heart, put black Down for placement, not other side of the body)
  5. Remember to flush with Reservoir clearing when finished.
  6. Remember to give thanks for Spirit Beings helping guide you in this healing process.
  7. Make sure to muscle test to make sure you remain connected to the soul you are helping facilitate their healing.
  8. If remote healing, set timing lengths for placement of magnets.
  9. Ask if the soul can help themselves with placing magnets themselves? Show them where and how to put the placements.
  10. Give the soul suggestions as to what they can do (change diet, meditate, stop eating dairy, etc.) to help facilitate their healing.

Conclusion of Session and Follow Up

1) Does soul need a follow up session with me?

2) When? In 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, etc.?

3) How many more sessions will they need?

Suggest them to drink plenty of water and that they may have Herxheimer issues. A Herxheimer reaction is when the body goes to clear itself of toxic issues released by the healing session. This can last a day or two, yet reservoir clearing will mitigate much of these reactions. It is like someone working out for the first time in a while. Their muscles first, get sore, then the muscles adapt and strengthen, same principles.

Make sure they can contact you with any follow up questions or issues they may be having after the session.

MAKE SURE TO DOCUMENT BEFORE AND AFTER session work. Many forget how ill they were when they begin to feel better and you will be building a book of testimonials for your business and to share with others.

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