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Born2 Self-Heal

   This book is for you and yours. It is intended to be an entrée level guide to help you get started and learn how to muscle scan, apply magnets to individuals and develop your own unique healing protocols that can, and should, be applied with most other forms of homeopathy. If we all can learn this protocol, and heal ourselves, we will take down the machine once and for all.

  This healing protocol has been used by the Ancient Ones, by the Chinese, the Vedics, the Egyptians and even Jesus Christ in his last act of compassion to his Apostles before being crucified. I hope you will take the time to download this information provided and go to my websites and you tube channels to learn more as well as the books listed in the appendix section for further knowledge and understanding. I also make this book free on .pdf.  


The 3rd leading cause of death is from hospitals! Western Medicine ranks DEAD LAST in quality of care amongst 38 modern countries and ranks #1 in cost. We in the West die earlier and require more health ‘care’ than most other countries. My medical father, when asked, “why Dad, did you never try to prevent people from getting sick like eating healthier, yoga, meditation, etc.”. His reply was quick and typical of the Western medical world, he replied without thought, “because I’d be out of job and you never would of gotten to college!”.

   Are you aware that western medical doctors can make additional tens of thousands of dollars in ‘performance bonuses’ if they meet quotas to administer vaccinates set up by BigHARMa? Are you aware western medical doctors cannot even promote self-breast examinations and that medical drugs cost multiple times more than the same drug in other countries and now it has become mandatory to have to have the worst medical coverage possible by law in the US Inc.

My Path to Biomagnetic Healing

  My journey towards discovering Biomagnetic Healing began from my activism and from a divorce. My true healing came when I broke my back at age 40 that threatened to ruin a pretty good athletic career to date. Since my family is all Western Medi-Sin, I was forwarded to the top back doc in San Francisco, who was the football 49er’s back doctor. He told me it was “one of the worst herniated discs he had ever seen”! and that I must “be in a lot of pain”…which I was. He told me the only ‘cure’ was back fusion and rehab and ‘maybe’ I might get to play sports and ski again, which was my love and passion.

   So I called my yogini friend, (now this was way back in 1995 when this happened and yoga was a ‘sissy’ thing girls do, back then), so she told me to call her friend and also said that most yoga instructors learned to heal their back injuries with yoga, so I would be in good hands. I went regularly and in a couple months I was out of pain and in a few months, I had a younger body then when I broke my back in the first place.  In addition, I did physical therapy and changed my diet and paid for a new MRI to show the 49er football physician that I healed myself principally with yoga, physical therapy, change of diet and accupuncture. He refused to allow me to visit and educate him, this after telling me there was “NO OTHER WAY TO HEAL YOU, JAMIE and I’ve been doing this for 23 years!.…and I proved him wrong!

   A standard business practice is called “plausible denial”. This means if you don’t know about it, you can say you never knew, or were aware, of any alternative healing modalities. In addition, the “do no harm” oath Dr. Stone took and the trust his patients have in the white coat, the good doctor? was getting $12 thousand per surgery, and if we can heal ourselves…he is out of income streams, prestige and status as an high degree medic.

   And why are doctors always “practicing”???

   After the Dr. would not see me in person after I had healed myself, I wrote the hypocritical oath taking doc a  letter and told him he was more interested in making his $12k per back surgery than getting people better anyway he could. Western medi-sin NEVER promotes any preventative care..because it is, and solely is, a business first and always. Just look at Krispi Crème donuts being given to those who get vaxxed! I worked on Wall Street for over two decades and I can assure you that they care NOTHING about your health or well-being, just net profit bottom lines and repeat customers so “shareholder value can be enhanced”. PERIOD. (The fact that no doctors of pHARMeceutical companies bear ZERO liability and the Covid vaccines even put the government immune from liabities, should tell you all you need to know).

  After I made a full recovery from my herniated disc bulge, I began actively speaking out against the machine that wants to turn us all into biohackable digitalized internet of bodies (IOB) connected to the cloud since 2007. While putting together the 3-hour documentary on my Aplanetruth You Tube channel titled, “Touchless Torture, Target Humanity” in 2014 I was hit with directed energy weapons on my legs and back. Individuals who get attacked with Wifi microwave targeted energy are called “Targeted Individuals”and a book by Dr. Robert Duncan, Soul Catcher, is a must read to understand this most aggressive form of touchless torture using radio frequency beaming which is used to own and control the targeted individuals bodies and/or put voices in their heads, not allow them to sleep, inject thoughts, nightmare, etcetera.

  Immediately thereafter publishing the documentary on You Tube, I felt bolts of energy up through my ankle up to my spine. I then began to lose control of my lower legs, leading to a dropped foot and difficulties with my balance. It became so bad, that at at gathering of friends one night, I literally fell backwards through a plate glass window when I lost my balance backwards. My dropped foot caused much embarrassment when I would just ‘trip’ and fall face first onto the floor, wherever I was and at any time I was walking it would just happen.

    I have had to readjust my life, how I walked, where I could go, and who I could see and had extremely limited leg strength or able to walk distance. I used to rely on my legs for everything, competing in World Cup mogul skiing, college divsions I tennis, and 200 mile per day bike rides.

  Nothing I did could alleviate my issues, whether it be yoga, acupuncture, laser therapy, swimming, weightlifting, biofield tuning, massage, mediation, diet change, etc.  Nothing got better, nothing helped me. This had been going on for nearly 6 years until a gentlemen came up to me at an activist event I was hosting offering to help me.

  In the Winter of 2018, I held an activist meet up at our local pub near Santa Rosa, California.  Over 50 people attended, including a very quiet individual, who when the night was over, whispered to me, “I can help you with your leg issues”. I asked him, “how, I’ve tried everything”? He responded, “I have to show you”. A few weeks later he came to my home and, as I laid out on my bed, he proceeded to place magnets around my body. The session lasted about an hour and I got up and felt no improvement, but thanked him for trying and paid him $200 for his time.

  He then proceeded with two more sessions, the 3rd one I was not with him, but some 80 miles away. It was then the impact of Biomag Healing began to affect me very profoundly. I had also had throat issues for over a year, where just swallowing food became difficult and I would vomit out food and drink I could not swallow. Several months earlier those issues had abated, yet this night driving home, after a deep tissue massage, my throat clogged once more, again, where I could not swallow and I said out loud, to myself, “Noooooooo, not again, he’s made me worse!”. I then proceeded to go home and make love to the porcelain God, once again, trying to extricate the fluid and small piece of food I tried to digest, cursing as the throat/swallowing issues had returned!

  After several attempts, I meditated and said out loud, “All Right!, everyone out NOW!!”. I then proceeded to vomit and expel some of the nastiest black goo from my throat into the sink that I had ever seen before. I could not even look at it, since it had such an evil presence to it so I flushed it down the sink immediately. Within minutes the entire right side of my body opened. My lungs, my chest and my throat opened where I could breathe freely, like I had not since the first initial throat issues occurred.

  The next day I could walk much further without difficulty breathing and I could eat and drink again, without worry. This is called a Herxheimer reaction, where the body is expelling the toxic cells in our bodies broken up through the Biomag Healing protocols.

  Subsequently, through muscle test scanning, it was found that I had been sprayed with Yersinia Pestis, or the Black Plague, that was delivered through the aerosol spraying chemtrails we see regularly in our skies today. Biomagnetism deals with the most common pathogens we take in from our terrain, as well as toxicity from vaccines, scars from surgeries and much, much more. I then proceeded to learn all I could about biomagnetism through the healer that helped me until he became someone who I could no longer trust and had to break away from, yet was determined to learn this Biomag healing protocol.

  The healer that helped me was almost dying of cancer and had lost 1/3rd of his body weight until he learned of Dr. Goiz ‘s Biomagnetic Polarity healing. He traveled to get this subtle vibrational healing protocol applied to him in a desperate hope to save his life. Within 2 month he was diagnosed as cancer free. He then went to study under Dr. Goiz, who resides in Mexico.

  After our fallout, I immediately decided to dedicate my life and learn the Art of Biomag Healing. So, I went home and got on my computer to see where I could learn Biomagnetic Healing and the very first web page that came up was a 5-day intensive seminar led by Dr. Luis Garcia, who had trained under Dr. Goiz and had attended over 22 of his workshops. Dr. Garcia has been a licensed physician for over 25 years. 13 years ago, he dedicated his healing to solely Biomag Healing and greatly enhanced the knowledge of how to heal with magnets, as well as provide a format and protocol THAT ANYONE CAN LEARN. If you go to his webpage at “”, you can find many, many testimonials of those he has helped and assisted with great success over his 13 years now of dedication solely to Biomag Healing.

(Image. Dr. Garcia setting biomag placements during the workshop on me for my dropped foot as an example to the class.)  In April of 2019, I flew to New Jersey and began to learn BiomagHealing from the master himself. I learned how magnets were universal energy and how, if we bring our bodies into energetic alignment using magnets, pathogens like bacteria, fungus, parasites and virus’ can no longer live in our bodies and we attain optimal health. I learned that we are all energetic beings first and foremost and was pleasantly surprised to hear Dr. Garcia speak about the many injuries and harm brought about by Big Pharma drugs and vaccines. (When someone speaks out against their very own profession, that is important and relevant for they are taking real risks to speak out!)

  During the five-day intensive Dr. Garcia put me on the massage table and began to scan me for my dropped foot. It was like seeing Michelangelo paint! He began by scanning my body, then using my body as a tool to read what was causing my leg and foot issues. He would literally ask my body what it needed energetically through muscle testing, then he would apply magnets according to what my body was needing/wanting. Then he would drill down to find exactly where and what CELLS were causing the issue with my foot and location of the toxic cells. Through magnetic polarity of a pulling (black magnet negative) and pushing (red magnet positive) he was attempting to bring my body back into homeostasis, where my body becomes balanced between an alkaline and acidic state, or PH between 7-7.3.

   After about 15 pair placements, in less than 1 hour, I got up off the massage table and ran around the convention room in ecstatic joy😊 and grabbed my friend, Paula and swung danced with her, like I used to love to do.  Though I was not completely in control again of my foot, it was significantly improved, and I gained leg strength as well, since I had lost used of my quadriceps and calf muscles and had atrophied. Bottom line, there was noticeable and profound immediate improvement! Leaving after the week I found what I would be doing for the rest of my life. Learning to heal myself and others energetically, and teaching others how to learn for to do this most amazing world healing protocol for themselves. Hence, this book you are now reading.

   Subsequently, I hosted Dr. Garcia, and his lovely wife Juliana, (who keeps Beyond Biomagnetism running so smoothly), for a 5 day Beyond Biomag intensive in Northern California in October of 2019.  Thirty-two souls learned the Art of Self-Healing from Dr. Garcia and were certified even though fires swept the area during the week long workshop. Many, who have been certified by Dr. Garcia, are now helping heal themselves, and loved ones, including pets, in healing the many toxic maladies that we are all being exposed to today.

  As the dark days and months since the engineered Plandemic by the World Economic Council beginning in November of 2019 with a world in a perpetual induced CRY us (crisis), we are being given the most amazing healing protocol the world has ever known. Personally, I’ve had great success using Biomagnetic Healing protocols with over 100 friends, family and those wishing assistance. I do not need to be with them, or even know them, for that matter, I just have to ask the Universal Spirits that are helping guide me, if I am allowed to and have their assistance help guide me through muscle testing and intention to help assist them in their healing.

  I hope you will take the time to download this information provided and go to my websites and you tube channels to learn more as well as the books listed in the appendix section for further knowledge and understanding. You can also go to website or you tube channel by the same name for a large library of information and testimonials.

How to use this Book to Heal

  IN my opinion, this is the Greatest Medical Book in modern history to date! This book is designed to give you just an introduction to the basics of Biomag Healing Protocol (BHP), yet contains over 300 biomag placements for many injuries and issues we all face today. Dr. Garcia has developed hundreds and hundreds of magnetic polarity placements over the 14 years he has focused exclusively on Biomag Healing that are included in this book as well as his scan sheet protocol to follow while diagnosing. Also, to truly learn to heal with magnets I highly suggest reading the books listed in the bibliography, especially Dr. Richard Gerber’s book, “Vibrational Healing” and Dr. Randolph Stones book, “Polarity Therapy”.

   You will also need N52 Neodymium magnets to get started with BiomagHealing. Eventually we will have developed our own vibrational energies and will no longer need magnets but use only our hands and our intentions. (You can purchase the magnets and Dr. Garcia’s book at

  There are many ways to scan and to find placements for many issues, yet the protocol Dr. Garcia has developed regularly produces repeated miracle healing with those he works with as documented in Appendix III “Testimonials”.

   You may also want to get the complimentary “Scriptures” binder of charts and scan protocols that will be in the follow up book to compliment the Biomag Practioners Guide as well as develop your own personal placement charts as we are all unicorns and snowflakes with our own personal issues. The more that we ALL can learn Biomag Healing, the healthier, safer and more abundant our world will be.

   Dr. Garcia has graciously given his valuable time to teach the world to heal through Biomagnetism 5-day Intensive Workshops.

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