Sneak Peak ~ Biomag Healing 101 ~ Chapter 4 Principles of Healing with Magnets

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Chapter 4

Principles of Healing with Magnets

What are Magnets. Magnets in Everday Life. Types of Magnets. Power of the Laws of Attraction and Repulsion. Subtle Vibrational Energy Healing.

What are Magnets?

Any object that exhibits magnetic properties is called a magnet. Every magnet has two points, or poles, where most of its strength is concentrated; these are designated as a north-seeking pole, or north pole, and a south-seeking pole, or south pole, because a suspended magnet tends to orient itself along a north-south line. Since a magnet has two poles, it is sometimes called a magnetic dipole, being analogous to an electric dipole, composed of two opposite charges. The like poles of different magnets repel each other, and the unlike poles attract each other.

   One remarkable property of magnets is that whenever a magnet is broken, a north pole will appear at one of the broken faces and a south pole at the other, such that each piece has its own north and south poles. It is impossible to isolate a single magnetic pole, regardless of how many times a magnet is broken or how small the fragments become. (The theoretical question as to the possible existence in any state of a single magnetic pole, called a monopole, is still considered open by physicists; experiments to date have failed to detect one.)

  From his study of magnetism, C. A. Coulomb in the 18th cent. found that the magnetic forces between two poles followed an inverse-square law of the same form as that describing the forces between electric charges. The law states that the force of attraction or repulsion between two magnetic poles is directly proportional to the product of the strengths of the poles and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them.

   As with electric charges, the effect of this magnetic force acting at a distance is expressed in terms of a field of force. A magnetic pole sets up a field in the space around it that exerts a force on magnetic materials. The field can be visualized in terms of lines of induction (similar to the lines of force of an electric field). These imaginary lines indicate the direction of the field in a given region. By convention they originate at the north pole of a magnet and form loops that end at the south pole either of the same magnet or of some other nearby magnet (see also flux, magnetic). The lines are spaced so that the number per unit area is proportional to the field strength in a given area. Thus, the lines converge near the poles, where the field is strong, and spread out as their distance from the poles increases.


   The Biomagnetic Pair is defined as the set of charges that identify a pathology and that are constituted by two charges of opposite polarity. They are formed at the expense of the fundamental alteration of the pH of the organs that support it and are in vibrational and energetic resonance. The NEL defines the bioenergetic limits where all the cellular metabolic processes are carried out under the normal conditions of temperature (between 96.8o and 98.7oF), electromagnetic absorption (in the order of 400 to 700 nm) and pH (in the range of 7 +/- 0.3).

The bioenergetic alteration of the NEL obeys the “Law of All or Nothing”, referring to when a phenomenon takes an organ out of its NEL and it persists regardless of whether the phenomenon which caused it continues to persist or not. It also seems that said energy limit is in the order of 1000 Gauss, since the bioenergetic depolarization, by means of natural magnets, also obeys charges over 1000 Gauss. Because of this, we must consider the normal manifestations of living organisms to be within the NEL, and pathological manifestations to exist outside of it.

 Types of Rare Earth Magnets

 It is first critical to understand the difference between the male principle of force, ELectricity and the female law of attraction, MAGnetism. Electricity is not created, it is ‘managed’ and ‘transferred’. It can be ‘stepped up’ or ‘stepped down’ but now created.

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 Magnetism has 3 main principle forces. Diamagnetism, Paramagnetism and Ferromagnetism. It CREATES energy through attraction and repulsion and eternal, omnipresent force in the Aether that Nikola Tesla was said to have tapped into to create free energy by grounding a rod into earth and running a conducting antenna into the sky above. That was over 100 years ago and we still don’t have free energy for all.

1) Ferromagnetism occurs when the magnetic moments in a magnetic material line up spontaneously at a temperature below the so-called Curie temperature, to produce net magnetization. The magnetic moments are aligned at random at temperatures above the Curie point, but become ordered, typically in a vertical or, in special cases, in a spiral (helical) array, below this temperature.

2) Paramagnetism is a weak form of magnetism observed in substances which display a positive response to an applied magnetic field. This response is described by its magnetic susceptibility per unit volume, which is a dimensionless quantity defined by the ratio of the magnetic moment to the magnetic field intensity. Paramagnetism is observed, for example, in atoms and molecules with an odd number of electrons, since here the net magnetic moment cannot be zero.

3) Diamagnetism is associated with materials that have a negative magnetic susceptibility. It occurs in nonmagnetic substances like graphite, copper, silver and gold, and in the superconducting state of certain elemental and compound metals. The negative magnetic susceptibility in these materials is the result of a current induced in the electron orbits of the atoms by the applied magnetic field. The electron current then induces a magnetic moment of opposite sign to that of the applied field. The net result of these interactions is that the material is shielded from penetration by the applied magnetic field.

It is easiest for me to think of Diamagnetism is the repulsion forces when two like polarities (- -, or + +) are facing one another. Paramagnetism are two forces attracting one another north and south. Ferromagnetism is the Aether, the Earth’s toroidal field, the omnipresent energy in Mother Earth and Father Sky.

Jumping Jack Flash, It’s a Gauss 😊

    The Gauss of a magnet refers to the magnetic strength properties of a specific magnetic material which is used to compare and rate different magnets. Each magnet made from the same material will have different gauss readings based on size, weight, and shape.

    Magnetotherapy refers to the use of unipolar magnetic fields from low-intensity magnets (less than 1000 gauss) used for symptomatic therapeutic purposes

    Magnets for use in Biomagnetism with the Beyond Biomag 3D app must have at least 1,000 surface Gauss so that they may provide the proper benefit. Magnets are usually rated in terms of the Core Gauss or the Maximum magnetic force at the dead center of a magnet. This is usually almost 10 times stronger than the surface gauss.   

   Therefore, a magnet with 1,500 surface gauss will have about 14,000 core Gauss. In order for Biomagnetism to function correctly, magnets of at least 1,000 surface gauss or 11,000 Core gauss or BrMax gauss or N40 or above ratings are desired for optimal use.

   Using and applying these magnets in the proper locations found in Dr. Garcia’s Beyond Biomag 3D app ( and may help sustain normal metabolism in our bodies. Give some of these pairs a try and observe how you feel afterward. Use the dictionary search function in the app to identify the proper magnet pair placements and address the desired health interpretations.

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“Superlight” Magnetism

   Engineer and Researcher, Dr. John Milewski is “part wizard, part mad scientist”. An internationally-recognized leader and consultant in the field of advanced materials, Dr. John Milewski is a scientist, inventor, entrepreneur, writer, publisher, editor, and lecturer. He is primarily known for his work with magnetite and his protocols for magnetizing water. Over the last few decades, SuperLight (or magneto-electric radiation) has become a core concern of his research. Dr. John Milewski describes SuperLight (known to mystics and metaphysicians as the nous, chi, and orgone or zero point energy) as the opposite of electromagnetic energy, revealing the previously unacknowledged parity of light. I

    Instead of traveling away from a source at light speed, Magnetism is emitted from black holes and travels towards the source 10 billion times faster than the speed of light.

   Magnetic energy travels at the speed of light squared !  1020 meters per second or 186,000 miles per second (speed of light x the 10th power! It has a frequency 10 billion times higher, and has a corresponding, shorter wavelength).   It therefore has a higher energy density. The question one asks immediately is, “if it is so powerful, how come we do not feel it, or how come it is not detected scientifically?”   Well, the frequency is so high, its wave length so short, (4 x 10–8 nano–meters, or 4 x 10–17 meters), its velocity so fast, that it goes through everything as though the substance was nearly completely transparent (like glass). We can say the higher frequency is completely penetrating like x–rays, but even more so. SuperLight magnetism is the unseen force in nature that has been ignored by science but real to the mystics and metaphysicians for thousands of years. It has been given different names by different cultures for thousands of years.

   A Nuous, Chi, Biomagnetic Energy, Wilhelm Reich’s Orgone Energy, Tesler’s Free Earth Energy, Animal Magnetism, Space Energy, Vacuum Energy, and Zero Point Energy, etc. Those who have subtle perception know it is real. Magnetism was identified scientifically over 100 years ago when James Clerk Maxwell solved his famous wave equation. This occurred shortly after radio was invented by Nikola Tesla, and theoretical physicists tried to find a mathematical model to explain radio waves. When using positive numbers in Maxwell’s Equations this explains radio waves and also all forms of electro–magnetic radiation such as light, radio, TV, microwaves, x–rays, etc. What his equation also explains 100 years ago was SuperLight but because it was the solution that comes from the use of negative numbers, “this second solution” was ignored for over 100 years.

   SuperLight Magnetism is the prime activating energy in the universe and accounts for the production of what we call life. SuperLight magnetic energy interacts with special forms of matter in our bodies and produces what we call Vital Life Forces. These special forms of matter are found in bones, micro–crystals and also in the various fluids in the body, that contain cell salts. There are also, believed to be organic molecules in some body fluids, that are believed to be liquid crystalline in structure. These change state (liquid to crystal) very readily, with a extremely small change in energy (e.g. emotions). It is then no coincidence that when we muscle test using our brainwaves to ask questions, the response is immediate and imperceptible as to time between the question posed and the muscles response. As you can see from the chart, our brains have Hundreds of Millions of tiny magnetite crystals in our brain alone! 

   In a human brain there are tens of billions of neurons, and they are of several sorts. Each neuron is equipped with approximately a thousand synapses, which are junction sites connecting the cells to each other. Each synapse has ten million or so receptors. The number of neurons is frequently estimated at ten billion. If one stretches out the DNA contained in the nucleus of a human cell, one obtains a two-yard-long thread that is only ten atoms wide. This thread is a billion times longer than its own width. Relatively speaking, it is as if your little finger stretched from Paris to Los Angeles. A thread of DNA is much smaller than the visible light humans perceive. Even the most powerful optical microscopes cannot reveal it, because DNA is approximately 120 times narrower than the smallest wavelength of visible light. The DNA molecule is a single long chain made up of two interwoven ribbons that are connected by the four bases. These bases can only match up in specific pairs—A with T, G with C. Any other pairing of the bases is impossible, because of the arrangement of their individual atoms: A can bond only with T, G only with C. This means that one of the two ribbons is the back-to-front duplicate of the other and that the genetic text is double: It contains a main text on one of the ribbons, which is read in a precise direction by the transcription enzymes, and a backup text, which is inverted and most often not read.

   The original pairs of DNA were two females! They were ‘attracted’ to one another. They then created two male to pair bond with. From these two pairs of DNA a replication is made, called RNA. This is the software operating system that the false Covid Bioweapon Vaxxine and testing kits are targeting to override humans own operating system remotely and internally. Bottom line though, the Femine Devine IS the creator being between male and female from the very DNA of all our existences!

   The RNA is the operating software the Vax companies like Mode”RNA” is targeting to override our natural operating system. They even admit it in their publications. The RNA is what we target with our BiomagHealing work to find the original healthy cell structures of our body. It is unknown yet if the AI Vax induced operating system will affect the healing modalities using magnets.

   In the 1980s, Robin Baker from the University of Manchester carried out a series of experiments which seemed to show that humans could sense magnetic fields. He took busloads of blindfolded volunteers on winding journeys for several kilometres before asking them to point their way back home. They did so more often than expected, and if they wore magnets on their heads, their accuracy dropped. The results were published in Science and you can read Baker’s own description of his study in this 1980 issue of New Scientist. He even wrote a book about it. At the time, Baker said, “Whatever the repercussions, we have no alternative but to take seriously the possibility that Man has a magnetic sense of direction.

   ”Our body is electronic in nature and it is composed of millions and billions of micro–electronic units that are formed in structures that have a phase array organization{3}. I believe that the electronic resonance in these organized conductive molecules, have some resonance with very small amounts of magnetic energies and that these energy fields and currents are responsible for the human aura and the energy vortexes found in the body chakra area. They also produce the Vital Life Forces. But, since magnets are so powerful, even a very, very small amount produces more than enough energy to sustain life. Thus, life is produced and sustained by specific forms and amounts of organized matter, and old age and eventual death occurs when too much disorder and disease comes into our bodies and breaks up this ordered structure. At that point, the body can no longer produce enough Vital Life Force from magnetic energies to sustain itself. All forms of organized matter produce its own aura–finger–prints or energy signature when it reacts with our energy magnetic fields.

Magnets Used for Healing

The penetration value is how deep into the tissue the magnetic effect penetrates.   It is very simple – if there is a deep tissue condition, the magnet must be strong enough to penetrate the energy to stimulate the cells correctly.  Remember that the effect of the magnets is an all or nothing scenario.  The magnets are either 100% effective, or they do no harm = 0% effective.  All Biomagnetic healing N52 Neodymium magnets are designed to specifically reach the required A-Z penetration values. Dr. Goiz and Dr. Garcia both say that N52 Neodymium magnets are the only ones that should be used for BiomagHealing.  

   Dubbed the world’s strongest permanent magnet, neodymium magnets are magnets made of neodymium. To put their strength into perspective, they can produce magnetic fields with up to 1.4 teslas. Neodymium is a rare-earth element featuring the atomic number 60. It was discovered in 1885 by chemist Carl Auer von Welsbach. It wasn’t until nearly a century later until neodymium magnets were invented. The unparalleled strength of neodymium magnets makes them an excellent choice for a variety of commercial applications, some of which include the following:

  • Hard disk drives (HDDs) for computers
  • Door locks
  • Electric automotive engines
  • Electric generators
  • Voice coils
  • Cordless power tools
  • Power steering
  • Speakers and headphones
  • Retail decouplers

Technology Would Not Exist Without Magnets!

   Rare earth magnets play a significant role in a wide range of devices including simple toys, computers, credit cards, MRI machines, and business equipment. Here are some examples.

Health and Medicine

   Magnets are found in some commonly used medical equipment such as and Magnetic Resonance Imaging machines. MRIs use powerful magnetic fields to generate a radar-like radio signal from inside the body, using the signal to create a clear, detailed picture of bones, organs and other tissue. An MRI magnet is very strong – thousands of times more powerful than common kitchen magnets. Another medical use for magnets is for treating cancer. A doctor injects a magnetically-sensitive fluid into the cancer area and uses a powerful magnet to generate heat in the body. The heat kills the cancer cells without harming healthy organs.

In the Home

   Though it may not be obvious, most homes contain many magnets. Refrigerator magnets hold papers, bottle openers, and other small items to the metal refrigerator door. A pocket compass uses a magnetic needle to show which way is north. The dark magnetic strip on the backside of a credit card stores data in much the same way as a computer’s hard drive does. Vacuum cleaners, blenders and washing machines all have electric motors that work by magnetic principles. You’ll find magnets in phones, doorbells, shower curtain weights and children’s toys.

Computers and Electronics

Many computers use magnets to store data on hard drives. Magnets alter the direction of magnetic material on a hard disk in segments that then represent computer data. Later, computers read the direction of each segment of the magnetic material to “read” the data. The small speakers found in computers, televisions, and radios also use magnets; inside the speaker, a wire coil and magnet convert electronic signals into sound vibrations.

“Earth” Batteries and Free Energy for All and Environmentally Friendly

    Maglev Trains (derived from magnetic levitation) is a system of train transportation that uses two sets of magnets: one set to repel and push the train up off the track, and another set to move the elevated train ahead, taking advantage of the lack of friction. Along certain “medium-range” routes (usually 320 to 640 km [200 to 400 mi]), maglev can compete favorably with high-speed rail and airplanes.

   With maglev technology, there is just one moving part: the train itself. The train travels along a guideway of magnets which control the train’s stability and speed. Propulsion and levitation require no moving parts. Maglev vehicles have set several speed records and maglev trains can accelerate and decelerate much faster than conventional trains; The Shanghai maglev train, also known as the Shanghai Transrapid, has a top speed of 430 km/h (270 mph). The line is the fastest operational high-speed maglev train, designed to connect Shanghai Pudong International Airport and the outskirts of central Pudong, Shanghai. It covers a distance of 30.5 km (19 mi) in just over 8 minutes.

   Earth Engine. Earth Engine is the world’s first and only power source propelled by Asymmetrical Magnetic Propulsion. It can generate electricity, operate liquid pumps, air compressors, and other mechanical devices 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It is fully independent of the power grid and offers significant cost savings over other technologies. Earth Engine creates constant, reliable, and renewable energy.  What if I showed you a device that you could put in the back of a pickup and power a city block?” says Inductance Energy Chief, Dennis M. Danzik.      The generated power uses no fossil fuels, produces no heat, and requires no combustion. Earth Engine does not consume any fossil fuels, it does not run on the sun, the wind, hydro, bio-fuels, or radioactive fuel sources. It can run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year creating constant energy unlike renewable technologies such as solar and wind. It is not reliant on a reaction, or burning of fuel source. Earth Engine is the world’s first and only power source propelled by Asymmetrical Magnetic Propulsion. It can generate electricity, operate liquid pumps, air compressors, and other mechanical devices 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It is fully independent of the power grid and offers significant cost savings over other technologies. Earth Engine creates constant, reliable, and renewable energy. This is not a “theory”. Inductance Energy is selling, and has installed these magnetic energy devices, in many locations in the United States to date, yet few know of their existence. Currently, IE has developed, manufactured, and is installing 7.5 to 25-kilowatt engines, capable of driving up to 4,000 pounds of inertia power and delivering in excess of 25 kilowatts.

   Magnets offer many benefits to the industrial world. Magnets in electric generators turn mechanical energy into electricity, while some motors use magnets to convert electricity back into mechanical work. In recycling, electrically powered magnets in cranes grab and move large pieces of metal, some weighing thousands of pounds. Mines use magnetic sorting machines to separate useful metallic ores from crushed rock. In food processing, magnets remove small metal bits from grains and other food. Farmers use magnets to catch pieces of metal that cows eat out in the field. The cow swallows the magnet with its food; as it moves through the animal’s digestive system it traps metal fragments. It can generate electricity, operate liquid pumps, air compressors, and other mechanical devices 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It is fully independent of the power grid and offers significant cost savings over other technologies. Earth Engine creates constant, reliable, and renewable energy.

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Flat Earth

Earth is a big huge battery. The north pole is the negative polarity and the Antarctic Circle is the positive polarity surrounding Earth’s land mass. It works just like a speaker works with a large magnet at the center. The salt in the ocean provides the electrolysis for alternating currents that produces free energy as the Tartarians proved and Telsa copied in his proof of free energy in the Aether.

Compasses and Navigation

In historic times, magnets had a supernatural thriller to them due to the fact human beings didn’t virtually recognize the technology at the back of how they work. However, the early Chinese are believed to have first used them in magnetic compasses for navigation purposes. They found out magnets could direct needles and correlated with the north pole and used that information to navigate. The early compasses have been created with lodestone because present-day magnets were no longer invented yet.

Lodestone comes from the mineral magnetite and is the handiest obviously occurring magnet. modern-day day magnets, like neodymium magnets and uncommon earth magnets, are crafted from a complicated process in which some of the metals are forged together. This technique helps to cause them to stronger and extra suitable for a way they’re used today. Therefore, lodestone in comparison to sturdy uncommon earth magnets is weaker.

Magnetically Charged Nano Sized Robots In Medi-Sin Vaxxines

Now, the uses of NdFeB magnets are numerous and varied. Advances within the manner that uncommon earth magnets are created have made them more flexible and easier to use in some of the exceptional applications. In robotics, magnets are essential. Not only do magnets assist with the electronics part, but they assist make robots extra mobile and compact. These days, foldable drones, magnetic nanotechnologies like Google X and other progressive makes use of magnets have popped up.

   Today, the two greatest obstacles to using a permanent magnet motor are, first, the belief that it violates the conservation of energy law; and, secondly, that the magnetic fields of attraction and repulsion decrease according to the inverse square law then the air gap is increased. In fact, both contentions are quite wrong because they are based on wrong considerations.

The permanent magnet is a long-time energy source.  This has been shown for many years in the rating of magnets as high or low energy sources for many applications over long usage. A loudspeaker composed entirely of electromagnets would be unreal in size and energy consumption.  Yet, despite examples of this type, many hesitate to apply the same principles to motors and extend them even further by using permanent magnets for both the stator and armature. The elements of all electric and permanent magnet motors are similar. A field imbalance must be created, the fields must be focused and timed, and magnetic leakage must be controlled. In the wound motor, brushes and contact rings give the timing, the size and shape of the wound fields and poles gives the focusing, and the motor case and kind of iron used help to limit the leakage.

   In our permanent magnet motors the timing is built into the motors by the size, shape, and spacing of the magnets in the stator and armature. The focusing is controlled by the shape of the magnets, pole length, and the width of the air gap. This air gap, through which magnets oppose and attract each other, is a rare phenomenon.  Usually when a magnetic air gap is increased, the field decreases inversely as the square.

   When the air gap of the permanent magnet motor is increased, a curious but definite change takes place.  There is a large decrease in the reading at south pole of the armature and an increase in the reading at the north pole. Thus, a Hall-effect sensing probe will give a higher gauss reading at the north pole and a decreasing count at the south pole. This helps explain why the thrust is better with a larger air gap than a smaller one. The attracting field is minimized and will not produce a locking force, while the repulsion of the crescent magnet is great enough to generate a thrust vector component that will drive the armature.

   As I tried to explain in the patent, I believe that the permanent magnet is the first room temperature super conductor. In fact, I believe that super conductors are simply large wound magnets. The current in a super conductor is not initiated by a strong emf, such as a battery, but is instead actually induced into existence by a magnetic field. Then, in order to determine how much current may be flowing in the super conductor coil, we measure its magnetic field. This appears to be something like going out the door and coming back in the window.

   Another rather unique feature of super conductors is the fact that their magnetic lines of force experience a change in direction. No longer do these lines flow at right angles to the conductor, but they now exist parallel to the conductor. Theoretically, the heavy conductor currents exist in the fine filaments of niobium within each small wire of niobium tin from which such super conductors are made. Isn’t it interesting that the finer the wire the less the resistance until eventually there is no resistance at all?

   The Massive CERN Collider  runs on Magnets to find the “God Particle”, so they say. All the magnets on the LHC are electromagnets. The main dipoles generate powerful 8.3 tesla magnetic fields – more than 100,000 times more powerful than the Earth’s magnetic field. The electromagnets use a current of 11,080 amperes to produce the field, and a superconducting coil allows the high currents to flow without losing any energy to electrical resistance. Thousands of “lattice magnets” on the LHC bend and tighten the particles’ trajectory. They are responsible for keeping the beams stable and precisely aligned.

   Dipole magnets, one of the most complex parts of the LHC, are used to bend the paths of the particles. There are 1232 main dipoles, each 15 metres long and weighing in at 35 tonnes. If normal magnets were used in the 27 km-long LHC instead of superconducting magnets, the accelerator would have to be 120 kilometres long to reach the same energy. Powerful magnetic fields generated by the dipole magnets allow the beam to handle tighter turns.

   When particles are bunched together, they are more likely to collide in greater numbers when they reach the LHC detectors. Quadrupoles help to keep the particles in a tight beam. They have four magnetic poles arranged symmetrically around the beam pipe to squeeze the beam either vertically or horizontally. Dipoles are also equipped with sextupole, octupole and decapole magnets, which correct for small imperfections in the magnetic field at the extremities of the dipoles.

   Insertion magnets when the particle beams enter the detectors, insertion magnets take over. Particles must be squeezed closer together before they enter a detector so that they collide with particles coming from the opposite direction. Three quadrupoles are used to create a system called an inner triplet. There are eight inner triplets, two of which are located at each of the four large LHC detectors, ALICE, ATLAS, CMS and LHCb. Inner triplets tighten the beam, making it 12.5 times narrower – from 0.2 millimetres down to 16 micrometres across. After the beams collide in the detector, enormous magnets aid the measurement of particles. For example, physicists look at how charged particles bend in the magnetic field to determine their identity. Charged particles are deflected by the magnetic field in the detector, and their momentum can be calculated from the amount of deflection. After colliding, the particle beams are separated again by dipole magnets.

    Other magnets minimize the spread of the particles from the collisions. When it is time to dispose of the particles, they are deflected from the LHC along a straight line towards the beam dump. A “dilution” magnet reduces the beam intensity by a factor of 100,000 before the beam collides with a block of concrete and graphite composite for its final stop. Insertion magnets are also responsible for beam cleaning, which ensures that stray particles do not come in contact with the LHC’s most sensitive components.

Vital Subtle Energy

Magnetricity and Electromagnetism

   The modern Biofield viewpoint that is emerging from this work – of an informational field-based view of life – has striking parallels in ancient viewpoints such as the Tibetan, Vedic and Jain medical traditions, where concepts of energy and information patterns are fundamental.

For example:

   Jain teachings describe the interaction of the soul’s consciousness with the karmic field, producing emanations known as adhyavasāya which interact with a subtle body called the tejas sarir (“fiery body”) which supports mental and physical health, and are described in a manner resembling modern descriptions of magnetrical fields. Similarly, the Vedic concept of the energetic body known as prānamayakoa, and the Tibetan Buddhist description of a subtle body known as the “vajra body” (Sanskrit:vajradeha; Tibetan: sku rdorje or rdo rje lus) refer to a network of invisible energy channels that guide bodily functions.

(Right. Magnetic energy in ferro fluid under light)  One of the earliest references to the Akashic Records in modern times was made by Helena Blavatsky, founder of the Theosophical movement in the late 19th century. Theosophy is an esoteric belief system that incorporates philosophical tenets from eastern religions while maintaining that “there is no religion higher than Truth.”    

Blavatsky claimed she learned of the records from Tibetan monks, or “mahatmas” who said the records could be found in the “akasha,” or “akasa,” the Sanskrit word for astral light, or the ether element in eastern belief systems. This fifth element of space is considered the fundamental fabric of reality from which all other elements emerge — the source of material reality. The eastern idea of karma is a major facet of the akashic records.

   These “Masters of the Ancient Wisdom,” as Blavatsky referred to them as, taught her clairvoyance, psychic abilities, and astral projection. She used these tools to channel information from the akashic records and built a large following of Theosophists, including some famous ones.

    Metaphysician Rudolf Steiner also referenced the Akashic Records, asserting that every action, word, and thought leaves a trace in etheric realms. Contemporary physicist Ervin Laszlo explores concepts of Akasha from the perspective of science, concluding that the Akasha contains templates for human ideals such as harmony and equanimity. This is reflected in his “Akasha Paradigm” which he relates to human evolutionary processes.

   Those who subscribe to Akashic record models often reference the Book of Life first mentioned in the old testament (Exodus). Biblical scripture asserts that a record of every life is kept in heaven, and it is from these records that souls are judged.

Explorations of the akashic field were also a major focus of the writings and work of Edgar Cayce. Cayce’s Akashic studies posited that there is a storehouse of information in a non-physical plane of existence, which maintains a record of every soul’s past, present, and future. Cayce’s readings are some of the best known.

   In the Akasha, every thought, idea, and action from the past, present, and future is stored ad infinitum. If you’re familiar with String Theory, the Akashic Records is basically like a database of what’s happening in all the universes that are co-existing together. The Akashic Records are basically a record of what will happen, is happening, or has happened. Because they are a higher dimension, the rules of time don’t really apply. Time is a flat circle to the Akashic Records, so information from 2,000 years ago is as accessible as what happened to you yesterday. And what happened to you yesterday is as available as what could happen to you — if you stay on the same destiny trajectory — in 10 years.

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