Sneak Peak Biomag101 Chapter 1 ~ What is Biomagentism?

Chapter 1 What is Biomagentism?

     Who, What, Where, Why and How? Terrain and Domain. Femine Devine Attraction. Snowflakes and Unicorns. Distance Healing.


1. When a magnet is applied to the human body, the passage of magnetic waves through the tissues produces an increase in temperature due to the impact of electrons on the cells of the body. The impacts are very effective in reducing pain and swelling in the muscles, etc.

2.Blood activity is accelerated while the calcium and cholesterol deposits in the blood are diminished. Materials adhered to the inner side of the veins, which cause high blood pressure, decrease, and tend to fade. The blood is cleansed, and circulation is increased. The activities of the heart are facilitated, and the pain disappears.

3. The autonomy functions of the nerves are normalized in such a way that the internal organs recover their own function.

4. Magnetic waves penetrate the skin, fatty tissues, and bones, invigorating the organs. The result is greater resistance to diseases.

    Although state-of-the-art American medicine uses techniques to monitor magnetic fields, such as electrocardiograms, electroencephalograms, and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI’s), it has not taken other forms of magnetic healing modalities seriously. More and more American studies, however, are confirming the value of the magnetic approach. As a result, magnet therapy is gaining credibility in the U.S. and being applied by increasing numbers of doctors and other health practitioners to bring the body back to optimal ph balance a wide range of ailments. Now awareness of this modality is filtering down to the general public, as increasing numbers of people are sleeping on magnetic beds at night and wearing small magnets during the day for greater energy, preventive purposes, and healing.

  Magnetism is both leading-edge science and traditional “therapy” that has been used by the Chinese for 5,000 years.  Since then, many cultures have tried magnets with varying results. It is said that Cleopatra had a lode stone (natural magnet) under her pillow to sleep on at night. Paracelsus, a scientist in the late 1400’s, used them successfully with seizures and many other illnesses. More recently, dual pole magnets have proven to be an effective healing protocol for most diseases.

 Since 1978, the FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) officially recognizes that magnetic energy application has no health risk and accepts the use of it for healing therapeutic purposes.

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Sneak peak Biomag101 ~ Chapter 2 ~ Qui Bono..Who Benefits???

The Covid “Plandemic”, I say that because the number of deaths in 2020 over all worldwide was LOWER than in 2019 and 2018 and Flu cases, including death! in 2020 were down 93% from 2019 even though few got flu shots, they have never had successful vaccines for even the common cold of flu for over 20 years and vaccine injuries have resulted in the US government paying out close to $4.5 BILLION in vaccine injuries to date, even though BigHARMa is not liable in anyway and doctors receive heavy bonuses for making their vaccine quotas, to name a few reasons.

   The resulting emotional issues associated with being lockdown in place for well over a year now IS real and is having severe effects on all. Biomagnetism can help greatly with brain fog, depression, anxiety, loss, fear, etc.

Here are placements for brain fog from Dr. Garcia’s Practioners Guide, I call the “Bible”.

    The 2nd column is the page number in Dr. Garcia’s book to use for the placements. These placements can also be used for regular tune ups, as can also be done with the “Rocka Chakra” placements I show in the scan charts in Appendix II.

(Remember to use N52 magnets and the image you see in the book goes DOWN against the skin, not up as you see in the other words flip the color over and place down).


(Left. Just some head polarity placements alone can help with the issues and symptoms listed).   The medical community has known for years that biomagnetic protocols promote the healing process, particularly of bone fractures. For over 40 years many doctors have used pulsed biomagnetic therapy to support healing of fractures and have had a high rate of success. Several magnetic instruments have already been FDA-approved and sanctioned for both safety and therapeutic implications. The success of this therapy is attributed, in part, to its facilitating the migration of calcium ions and osteoblasts to heal broken bones in less than the usual time. In addition, the migration of calcium occurs away from joints to reduce painful arthritic joint inflammation. The end result is the noninvasive promotion of natural healing, without the use of unnatural chemicals and drugs. Adequate magnetic energy also softens or eliminates scar tissue formed during the healing process. Pulsed biomagnetism does not deal with polarity magnetic healing but attempts to return the ‘injured’ cells back to health with pulsing.

Here are a few healing results from magnets from Gary Null’s book “Healing With Magnets”.

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Appendix I ~ The Question Tree Method

Question Tree

The healing comes from a level of everyone’s highest potential— that all encompassing, infinite, unbounded level of one’s connection to their very existence. One does not have to travel anywhere to find That. It is already fully present with everyone. I use my intuition to ‘feel’ the presence of each person. Due to almost five decades of meditation, my access to Source is very smooth. My awareness acts as a bridge for everyone in the distance healing session. However, there is more. Once the bridge is formed, you don’t need me anymore. I am only a temporary bridge until each person can access the infinite resource of their own Divine Being independently. I look forward to serving you.

                                                                                                ~ Dorothy Rowe

Pre Exam

You may want to muscle scan for pH levels before the session. After, scan again to see if the pH levels have improved. This can be used as a baseline for your own proof that the session has been successful.

In the Questions You Will Find the Answer

Why are you here today for this soul session? What are your intentions to assist this soul? Do you have any expectations or desires of outcomes? Is your scanning biased at all by your feelings for this person?

Muscle test will guide you through the entire healing protocol question tree presented here. Trust your muscle testing and go back again and confirm, confirm, confirm until you are satisfied, and muscle testing confirms, you have assisted this soul all you can with this session.

It is critically important that you ask permission and the abilities to conduct a soul session with that individual you wish to assist and help. Some are not ready to be healed and may have unresolved karma conflicts that need to still be experienced.


It is critical that the more specific your Yes/No question is, the more accurate response you will get.  (i.e. What is wrong with this person? Vs. Are their issues here to deal with today in the head, neck, etc..? Is this placement correct?, Does there need to be another placement associated? Do they need follow up placements? If so, when..??, etc., etc.)

1) To Spirit guide, “Will you allow me to help this soul today”?  (Make sure to say “help them today”. You may be able to assist them in the future and you wish to focus on today. If no, ask if there would be another time to assist? Days, weeks, etc?

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Sneak peak Biomag 101 ~Intro-Deduction


Born2 Self-Heal

   This book is for you and yours. It is intended to be an entrée level guide to help you get started and learn how to muscle scan, apply magnets to individuals and develop your own unique healing protocols that can, and should, be applied with most other forms of homeopathy. If we all can learn this protocol, and heal ourselves, we will take down the machine once and for all.

  This healing protocol has been used by the Ancient Ones, by the Chinese, the Vedics, the Egyptians and even Jesus Christ in his last act of compassion to his Apostles before being crucified. I hope you will take the time to download this information provided and go to my websites and you tube channels to learn more as well as the books listed in the appendix section for further knowledge and understanding. I also make this book free on .pdf.  


The 3rd leading cause of death is from hospitals! Western Medicine ranks DEAD LAST in quality of care amongst 38 modern countries and ranks #1 in cost. We in the West die earlier and require more health ‘care’ than most other countries. My medical father, when asked, “why Dad, did you never try to prevent people from getting sick like eating healthier, yoga, meditation, etc.”. His reply was quick and typical of the Western medical world, he replied without thought, “because I’d be out of job and you never would of gotten to college!”.

   Are you aware that western medical doctors can make additional tens of thousands of dollars in ‘performance bonuses’ if they meet quotas to administer vaccinates set up by BigHARMa? Are you aware western medical doctors cannot even promote self-breast examinations and that medical drugs cost multiple times more than the same drug in other countries and now it has become mandatory to have to have the worst medical coverage possible by law in the US Inc.

My Path to Biomagnetic Healing

  My journey towards discovering Biomagnetic Healing began from my activism and from a divorce. My true healing came when I broke my back at age 40 that threatened to ruin a pretty good athletic career to date. Since my family is all Western Medi-Sin, I was forwarded to the top back doc in San Francisco, who was the football 49er’s back doctor. He told me it was “one of the worst herniated discs he had ever seen”! and that I must “be in a lot of pain”…which I was. He told me the only ‘cure’ was back fusion and rehab and ‘maybe’ I might get to play sports and ski again, which was my love and passion.

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Why Magnets may Repel Mosquitoes and other Predatory Insects

The presence of the magnet elicited a distinct reaction from Mosquitoes –they dart away from it. To determine the strength of this repugnant force, we examined the results with several other people who were ‘covered’ with Mosquitoes from Head to Toe. It appears that the only person in our experimental group that was not being ‘Eaten Alive’ was Michael Saxon (Field Researcher)who was the only person wearing magnets around his neck and wrist.

This is a condition commonly known as ‘Tonic Immobility’ or a Temporary Paralysis that naturally occurs when Mosquitoes are disrupted before they bite. Sure enough, the magnets repelled the Mosquitoes with surprising results.Why the intense reaction? The apparent interaction between Atmospheric Static Electricity and Magnetically Charged Magnemax ‘Earths-Core’ Magnets produces a weak but notable electromagnetic field. When a Mosquito comes close to that field, it seems to disrupt the Mosquitoes Sixth-Sense aka Electroreception. Many speciesof Mosquitoes have sensory receptors that detect minute changes of electricity in the air. These electrical impulses originate and are carried through Atmospheric Ions.

Mosquitoes are literally wired for hunting. These predators are equipped with a special sense known as Electroreception which allows them to home in on their prey with precise accuracy. Other members of the Mosquito family also share this trait but the Common Mosquitoes Electroreception (Electroreceptive animals use this sense to locate objects around them) are the extremely finely tuned.Electroreception is used in electrolocation (detecting objects) and for electrocommunication. Electroreception simply means the ability to detect Electrical or Magnetic currents.

What does electricity have to do with Mosquitoes? Any muscular movement or twitches in living animals create a small electrical current. At hospitals, electrocardiogram machines track the electricity resulting from our heart beat.Bees for example, collect a positive static charge while flying through the air (see Atmospheric electricity). When a bee visits a flower, the charge deposited on the flower takes a while to leak away into the ground. Bees can detect both the presence and the pattern of electric fields on flowers, and use this information to know if a flower has been recently visited by another bee and is therefore likely to have a reduced concentration of pollen.

The mechanism of electric field reception in animals living in the air like bees is based on mechano-reception, not electroreception. Bees receive the electric field changes via the Johnston’s organs in their antennae and possibly other mechano-receptors. They distinguish different temporal patterns and learn them. During the waggle dance, Honeybees appear to use the electric field emanating from the dancing bee for distance communication.

These electrical impulses originate and are carried through Atmospheric Ions.Open air does not conduct this electricity away from our bodies, but for Mosquitoes it does. Ions are particles that have an electrical charge because they have lost or gained an electron. Static Electricity is easily transported by Humidity.You can compare this to how batteries work. It’s set up like an electro chemical cell that separates negative from positively charged ions.

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Sneak Peak ~ Biomag Healing 101 ~ Ch. 7 Complimentary healing resources


Complimentary Healing Resources

(Full credit and deep appreciation to Ms. Tammy Nathan Horton for this section of contribution:)

   Contrary to the common allopathic approach, in healing and health, a one size fits all solution is most often not the case. We are all as unique as our fingerprints and we all, at some time in our lives, need of a little help from our friends.

    In this same approach Biomagnetism and its effects can be optimized and enhanced if an individual is plateauing in their convalescence. The methods discussed in this chapter will briefly outline some tools that can improve or promote further healing which can be used in addition to biomagnetism. Not every modality will suit the individual, but this chapter helps to explain the concepts of why and how it works with biomagnetism and where to look to research if it is something that is right for you.
   As with all themes discussed in this book using applied kinesiology is always advised to see if a modality will best suit the situation and the individual at any given moment. Having a clear set of intentions, a connection to source and a specific question with a yes or no answer, is key for using our intuitive gifts. Muscle testing for a modality and usage or dose for parameters is always advised for all methods always. It truly is a wonderful tool to have to guide you on your road to health improvements. Once you get it will be like riding a bike – you never forget how to. It is quite amazing.
   In the realm of vibrational modalities there are so many truly incredible and supportive tools one can use that come from nature for healing. We, being organic beings from the soil (soul) and of the salt (plasma), find we resonate best with using natures remedies in a slow and steady manner. We do not develop chronic illnesses overnight and we have to have that same understanding as we approach healing those conditions. There are rarely quick fixes, pills or potions. If someone claims this ,it is wise to take caution. Slow and steady is always the best. Less is more. As above so below. We can anticipate the duration of our healing upward would correspond directly with our cascade to illness downward. In illness there is always health and we must realize and tap into this vibration within ourselves to ignite and catalyze further positive healing. No matter what level our healing needs to be experienced on, spiritual, mental or physical, we are a whole being and should treat our healing and experiences as such.

    The stars shine brightest in the darkness. No matter if you are using biomagnetism therapy for a pulled tendon in your shoulder or to promote self-healing of a long battled chronic illness there is ALWAYS more room for more health, always. Even if they are only baby steps. When the body is treated as a perfect machine of health, given the right conditions, the body will always find homeostasis and thus find a will and a way to better health. The goal is always to allow the body to remember what balance is so that eventually it runs on its own like a fine-tuned race car on auto pilot. Let us explore some of the tools for optimization.

1. Breath Work
   The saying “30 days without food, 3 days without water and 3 minutes without air “, puts our survival priorities in order of importance. Without proper oxygenation of our plasma our bodies are unable to complete the necessary conversion to create energy and sustain life. We often overlook the significant importance of the air we take in. It is an automatic process that we often don’t think about unless we are ill with a lung infection or having a panic attack. But yogis say that the first body to get sick is the Pranic Body- the eighth etheric light body, the breath body. Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that wind at the neck is the first point of entry for illness. Just noticing the difference between the long and relaxed deep belly breath of a baby compared to the short shallow upper chest breaths of a stressed-out person says it all. If we can take one thing away from Wim Hof and Yogananda we can understand that prana is the most under-valued measurement of health and vitality as such should be given far more attention.
   Experiment. When you awake in the new day place your left hand ring finger on the right nostril and left thump on left nostril. Use thumb and finger to open and close each nostril independently. Breathe ten breaths in through only left nostril, closing right nostril with finger, then reverse for ten breaths and repeat. You will notice each day you try this that one nostril (Sun or Moon) is more open than the other.

   The Right nostril is the Yang or the Pingala channel which represents active, alert, awake and stimulated energetic status. (similar to the red magnet). If it is your left it is the opposite, yin, cooling, relaxed, tired, feminine, Ida channel (similar to black magnet properties and the left side of the body-moon). The most simple and effective pranayama to teach our children is called Nadi Shodna (alternate nostril breathing). To change the mental state from one to the other simply close the nostril of the side you would like to change – so want to become awake? Plug the left. Want to fall asleep? Plug the right. Long deep belly breathing for three minutes with that nostril closed. Like magic your dominant nostril will shift and so will your entire system.

   There are many ways we can play with the pranic energy. The Mahabandha (the great lock) combined with the one minute breath is said to cure ALL disease if mastered. Nauli kriya- the rolling of the belly combined with breath is also deeply healing. The main focus on all breathing is to breath into the belly, navel always moves first on the inhale, then the ribs then the clavicle, exhale is the reverse. Mantra is also helpful when the mind wanders. Singing is also beneficial for breathing. Remember that the lungs are not only the site for gas exchange, but also for detoxification. The deeper the breath the greater the exchange of molecules, gravity makes the blood in the lower lungs greater in volume, if we are breathing shallowly then we are not getting to the area that needs to detox. It is such an under valued and simple solution to better health. Try set a reminder each hour perhaps to do long deep breathing for three minutes. Exercise. Sing. Move. Prana is more important than we realize. For more exercises the book Prana, Pranee, Pranayam by Yogi Bhajan has many great exercises.

   The science is there it is up to us to do the work to enhance our healing abilities naturally and effectively with beauty and simplicity just as nature intended.

2. Healthy Water
   How amazing is water? It defies the laws of science, expanding in cold, contracting in the heat, taking four shapes- liquid, gas, solid and net matrix. It composes 70-80 percent of our cellular makeup. It has a memory. It can change shape based on our thoughts alone (see Emoto Water Study). Communities living in blue zones have had access to glacial hexagonal shaped water springs which have been associated with their longevity. Natures fauna always chooses moving water over still ponds. Why? Magnetized and energized water does exactly that to our systems. But it has to be the right kind of water. Tap water and bottled water are loaded with things like chloramines, chlorine, fluoride, spores, cysts, hormones, bacteria and metals depending on geographical location. It is of utmost importance to drink clean and pure living water. Pure water can cause water poisoning in cases of dehydration ( reverse osmosis- dead water) as well as cold water can kill a horse- room temperature or warm is best always not to shock the system.

   Dr. Garcia’s friend developed a simple structured water magnet arrangement that I sell at or you can make one on your own with magnets. We also sell biomag structured water garden nozzles.

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Sneak Peak ~ Biomag Healing 101 ~ Chapter 4 Principles of Healing with Magnets

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Chapter 4

Principles of Healing with Magnets

What are Magnets. Magnets in Everday Life. Types of Magnets. Power of the Laws of Attraction and Repulsion. Subtle Vibrational Energy Healing.

What are Magnets?

Any object that exhibits magnetic properties is called a magnet. Every magnet has two points, or poles, where most of its strength is concentrated; these are designated as a north-seeking pole, or north pole, and a south-seeking pole, or south pole, because a suspended magnet tends to orient itself along a north-south line. Since a magnet has two poles, it is sometimes called a magnetic dipole, being analogous to an electric dipole, composed of two opposite charges. The like poles of different magnets repel each other, and the unlike poles attract each other.

   One remarkable property of magnets is that whenever a magnet is broken, a north pole will appear at one of the broken faces and a south pole at the other, such that each piece has its own north and south poles. It is impossible to isolate a single magnetic pole, regardless of how many times a magnet is broken or how small the fragments become. (The theoretical question as to the possible existence in any state of a single magnetic pole, called a monopole, is still considered open by physicists; experiments to date have failed to detect one.)

  From his study of magnetism, C. A. Coulomb in the 18th cent. found that the magnetic forces between two poles followed an inverse-square law of the same form as that describing the forces between electric charges. The law states that the force of attraction or repulsion between two magnetic poles is directly proportional to the product of the strengths of the poles and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them.

   As with electric charges, the effect of this magnetic force acting at a distance is expressed in terms of a field of force. A magnetic pole sets up a field in the space around it that exerts a force on magnetic materials. The field can be visualized in terms of lines of induction (similar to the lines of force of an electric field). These imaginary lines indicate the direction of the field in a given region. By convention they originate at the north pole of a magnet and form loops that end at the south pole either of the same magnet or of some other nearby magnet (see also flux, magnetic). The lines are spaced so that the number per unit area is proportional to the field strength in a given area. Thus, the lines converge near the poles, where the field is strong, and spread out as their distance from the poles increases.


   The Biomagnetic Pair is defined as the set of charges that identify a pathology and that are constituted by two charges of opposite polarity. They are formed at the expense of the fundamental alteration of the pH of the organs that support it and are in vibrational and energetic resonance. The NEL defines the bioenergetic limits where all the cellular metabolic processes are carried out under the normal conditions of temperature (between 96.8o and 98.7oF), electromagnetic absorption (in the order of 400 to 700 nm) and pH (in the range of 7 +/- 0.3).

The bioenergetic alteration of the NEL obeys the “Law of All or Nothing”, referring to when a phenomenon takes an organ out of its NEL and it persists regardless of whether the phenomenon which caused it continues to persist or not. It also seems that said energy limit is in the order of 1000 Gauss, since the bioenergetic depolarization, by means of natural magnets, also obeys charges over 1000 Gauss. Because of this, we must consider the normal manifestations of living organisms to be within the NEL, and pathological manifestations to exist outside of it.

 Types of Rare Earth Magnets

 It is first critical to understand the difference between the male principle of force, ELectricity and the female law of attraction, MAGnetism. Electricity is not created, it is ‘managed’ and ‘transferred’. It can be ‘stepped up’ or ‘stepped down’ but now created.

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 Magnetism has 3 main principle forces. Diamagnetism, Paramagnetism and Ferromagnetism. It CREATES energy through attraction and repulsion and eternal, omnipresent force in the Aether that Nikola Tesla was said to have tapped into to create free energy by grounding a rod into earth and running a conducting antenna into the sky above. That was over 100 years ago and we still don’t have free energy for all.

1) Ferromagnetism occurs when the magnetic moments in a magnetic material line up spontaneously at a temperature below the so-called Curie temperature, to produce net magnetization. The magnetic moments are aligned at random at temperatures above the Curie point, but become ordered, typically in a vertical or, in special cases, in a spiral (helical) array, below this temperature.

2) Paramagnetism is a weak form of magnetism observed in substances which display a positive response to an applied magnetic field. This response is described by its magnetic susceptibility per unit volume, which is a dimensionless quantity defined by the ratio of the magnetic moment to the magnetic field intensity. Paramagnetism is observed, for example, in atoms and molecules with an odd number of electrons, since here the net magnetic moment cannot be zero.

3) Diamagnetism is associated with materials that have a negative magnetic susceptibility. It occurs in nonmagnetic substances like graphite, copper, silver and gold, and in the superconducting state of certain elemental and compound metals. The negative magnetic susceptibility in these materials is the result of a current induced in the electron orbits of the atoms by the applied magnetic field. The electron current then induces a magnetic moment of opposite sign to that of the applied field. The net result of these interactions is that the material is shielded from penetration by the applied magnetic field.

It is easiest for me to think of Diamagnetism is the repulsion forces when two like polarities (- -, or + +) are facing one another. Paramagnetism are two forces attracting one another north and south. Ferromagnetism is the Aether, the Earth’s toroidal field, the omnipresent energy in Mother Earth and Father Sky.

Jumping Jack Flash, It’s a Gauss 😊

    The Gauss of a magnet refers to the magnetic strength properties of a specific magnetic material which is used to compare and rate different magnets. Each magnet made from the same material will have different gauss readings based on size, weight, and shape.

    Magnetotherapy refers to the use of unipolar magnetic fields from low-intensity magnets (less than 1000 gauss) used for symptomatic therapeutic purposes

    Magnets for use in Biomagnetism with the Beyond Biomag 3D app must have at least 1,000 surface Gauss so that they may provide the proper benefit. Magnets are usually rated in terms of the Core Gauss or the Maximum magnetic force at the dead center of a magnet. This is usually almost 10 times stronger than the surface gauss.   

   Therefore, a magnet with 1,500 surface gauss will have about 14,000 core Gauss. In order for Biomagnetism to function correctly, magnets of at least 1,000 surface gauss or 11,000 Core gauss or BrMax gauss or N40 or above ratings are desired for optimal use.

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Sneak peak ~Biomag HEALING 101





1) What is Biomagentism?

     Who, What, Where, Why and How. Terrain and Domain. Femine Devine Attraction Principle. Snowflakes and Unicorns. Remote at Distance Healing.

2) Who Benefits

     Who, What, Where, Why and How. Terrain and Domain. Femine Devine Attraction. Snowflakes and Unicorns. Distance Healing

3) The Deliberate Suppression in History of Biomag Healing

     Chinese Book of Medicine. Ka, Chi, Prana, Duh ?. Jesus the Biomag Healer?. , Messrs. Mesmer, Tesla and Dr. Stone, Dr. Goiz & Dr. Garcia

4) Principles of Biomagnetic Healing with Magnets

   Magnets in Everday Life. Super Light Magnetism. Power of the Laws of Attraction and Repulsion. CERN Operates on Magnetism. Subtle Vibrational Energy Healing.

5) Let’s Heal the World ~ Applying Biomagnetic Healing Protocols

   Getting started. The Art of Muscle Testing. Intentions and Focus. Drilling Down. Toxic Soup. Hands on Healing. Remote at a Distance Healing.

6) Biomag Agriculture ~ Super Grow More*Stronger*Faster

Magnetite. Magnets for improved seed starts. Magnetized gardens. Magnetic Structured Water. 

7) Complimentary Healing Resources

Nutrition. Supplements. Vitamins. Meditation. Cremes. Lotions. Potions. Detox Food and much more.


Appendix 1       In the Question Lies the Answer

Appendix II      Charts and Protocols Scan Sheets

Appendix III    Biomag Healer Testimonials

Appendix IV    Biomag Agriculture in the Garden Applied

Appendix V     Setting Up Your Business as a Biomag Healer

Appendix VI   Biomag Healer Store Products and Services