Complimentary healing resources


Contrary to the common allopathic approach, in healing and health, a one size fits all solution is most often not the case. We are all as unique as our fingerprints and we all ,at some time in our lives, need of a little help from our friends. In this same approach Biomagnetism and its effects can be optimized and enhanced if an individual is plateauing in their convalescence . The methods discussed in this chapter will briefly outline some tools that can improve or promote further healing which can be used in addition to biomagnetism. Not every modality will suit the individual but this chapter helps to explain the concepts of why and how it works with biomagnetism and where to look to research if it is something that is right for you.
As with all themes discussed in this book using applied kinesiology is always advised to see if a modality will best suit the situation and the individual at any given moment. Having a clearly set intention, a connection to source and a specific question with a yes or no answer, is key for using our intuitive gifts. Muscle testing for a modality and usage or dose for parameters is always advised for all methods always. It truly is a wonderful tool to have to guide you on your road to health improvements. Once you get it it will be like riding a bike – you never forget how to. It is quite amazing.
In the realm of vibrational modalities there are so many truly incredible and supportive tools one can use that come from nature for healing. We, being organic beings from the soil (soul) and of the salt (plasma), find we resonate best with using natures remedies in a slow and steady manner. We do not develop chronic illnesses over night and we have to have that same understanding as we approach healing those conditions. There are rarely quick fixes, pills or potions. If someone claims this ,it is wise to take caution. Slow and steady is always the best. Less is more. As above so below. We can anticipate the duration of our healing upward would correspond directly with our cascade to illness downward. In illness there is always health and we must realize and tap into this vibration within ourselves to ignite and catalyze further positive healing. No matter what level our healing needs to be experienced on, spiritual, mental or physical , we are a whole being and should treat our healing and experiences as such. The stars shine brightest in the darkness. No matter if you are using biomagnetism therapy for a pulled tendon in your shoulder or to promote self healing of a long battled chronic illness there is ALWAYS more room for more health, always. Even if they are only baby steps. When the body is treated as a perfect machine of health, given the right conditions, the body will always find homeostasis and thus find a will and a way to better health. The goal is always to allow the body to remember what balance is so that eventually it runs on its own like a fine tuned race car on auto pilot. Let us explore some of the tools for optimization.

1. Breath work

The saying “30 days without food, 3 days without water and 3 minutes without air “, puts our survival priorities in order of importance. Without proper oxygenation of our plasma our bodies are unable to complete the NADH conversion to create energy and sustain life. We often overlook the significant importance of the air we take in. It is an automatic process that we often don’t think about unless we are ill with a lung infection or having a panic attack. But yogis say that the first body to get sick is the Pranic Body- the eighth etheric light body, the breath body. Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that wind at the neck is the first point of entry for illness. Just noticing the difference between the long and relaxed deep belly breath of a baby compared to the short shallow upper chest breaths of a stressed out person says it all. If we can take one thing away from Wim Hof and Yogananda we can understand that prana is the most under valued measurement of health and vitality as such should be given far more attention.
Try this experiment, every two and a half hours you switch which nostril you are breathing in and out of. Right nostril is the Yang or the Pingala channel which represents active, alert, awake and stimulated energetic status. ( similar to the red magnet) . If it is your left it is the opposite, yin, cooling, relaxed, tired, feminine, Ida channel ( similar to black magnet properties and the left side of the body-moon). The most simple and effective pranayama to teach our children is called Nadi Shodna ( alternate nostril breathing). To change the mental state from one to the other simply close the nostril of the side you would like to change – so want to become awake? Plug the left. Want to fall asleep? Plug the right. Long deep belly breathing for three minutes with that nostril closed. Like magic your dominant nostril will shift and so will your entire system. There are many ways we can play with the pranic energy. The Mahabandha ( the great lock) combined with the one minute breath is said to cure ALL disease if mastered. Nauli kriya- the rolling of the belly combined with breath is also deeply healing. The main focus on all breathing is to breath into the belly, navel always moves first on the inhale, then the ribs then the clavicle, exhale is the reverse. Mantra is also helpful when the mind wanders. Singing is also beneficial for breathing. Remember that the lungs are not only the site for gas exchange, but also for detoxification. The deeper the breath the greater the exchange of molecules, gravity makes the blood in the lower lungs greater in volume, if we are breathing shallowly then we are not getting to the area that needs to detox. It is such an under valued and simple solution to better health. Try set a reminder each hour perhaps to do long deep breathing for three minutes. Exercise. Sing. Move. Prana is more important than we realize. For more exercises the book Prana, Pranee, Pranayam by Yogi Bhajan has many great exercises. Wim Hof has a free app. The science is there it is up to us to do the work to enhance our healing abilities naturally and effectively with beauty and simplicity just as nature intended.

2. Water

How amazing is water? It defies the laws of science, expanding in cold, contracting in the heat, taking four shapes- liquid, gas, solid and net matrix. It composes 70-80 percent of our cellular makeup. It has a memory. It can change shape based on our thoughts alone ( see Emoto Water Study). Communities living in blue zones have had access to glacial hexagonal shaped water springs which have been associated with their longevity. Natures fauna always chooses moving water over still ponds. Why? Magnetized and energized water does exactly that to our systems. But it has to be the right kind of water. Tap water and bottled water are loaded with things like chloramines, chlorine, fluoride, spores, cysts, hormones, bacteria and metals depending on geographical location. It is of utmost importance to drink clean and pure living water. Pure water can cause water poisoning in cases of dehydration ( reverse osmosis- dead water) as well as cold water can kill a horse- room temperature or warm is best always not to shock the system. There are many water filtration systems, the most affordable is the Mega Home water distiller , it runs about $250 and lasts a long time with proper care and cushions under the glass carafe. A pinch of sea salt must always be re-added for the same reason as above. When water is pure it cannot be assimilated into the body without adequate minerals to perform reactions. Therefore Sea salt must always be added ( Real Salt or Celtic Salt brands are superior). Do not add mineral blend drops as the magnesium will have laxative effects. There are also many alkaline water machines that mimic glacial water springs. These are fantastic to have if you can afford one. Kangen is amazing and can be purchased at It has been shown to cure many GI illnesses from colitis to eczema and psoriasis. On Youtube search Kangen water Japan hospital. Is also a great brand of alkaline water machine. They are second choice and cheaper than Kangen, parts also are all made in USA so it is much faster to obtain and theres no MLM as a business model. I recommend a fluoride pre-filter for all water machines. For Kangen Purple and Grey filters inside always unless you have other needs. Nothing removes fluoride other than a prefilter or distillation. Even the filters allow some fluoride leeching over time. So distilled is the BEST for the cleanest living water.
Alkaline machines are amazing if you have a diet high in acid ( coffee, alcohol, meat, dairy, sugar, stress) the reason is because illnesses, especially cancer, cannot exist in an alkaline PH. Ideally urine should measure 7.5-8.0 on a urinalysis test strip. All of our organs have different PH levels for optimal function but as a general statement 7.3 for venous blood and 7.4PH for arterial blood are optimal. Thus the water we ingest should match our plasma should it not? We have two types of fluids in our body, intracellular fluid, the fluid that exists within the cell membrane and the extracellular fluids which consist of our cerebral spinal fluid, lymph and blood plasma. These fluids work best when the PH is at homeostasis and when the electrical balance is perfect. This is why electrolytes are so very important for cell transport. Nothing can go into or out of the cell membrane without the sodium potassium pump. Positive and negative charges. Making the connection?
Also a magnetic stirrer can be easily bought on amazon for $40 used with mag sleeved water for added energy . Even static magnets on the water bottle for travel . Obviously glass or stainless over plastic always- PET plastic if you must use plastic. Plastic leeches harmful hormone disruptors into the water and should always be last choice, always. Berkey water filters have been show to grow black mold on the seals I would stay away. There are other alkaline machines out there but first choice is always a distiller with re added sea salt to mimic our own plasma with proper sea salt- never ever toxic chemical table salt ( it is poison!!!). Always test your urine to know where you are at and what needs balance. Urine test strips with 10 or more parameters are best, sealed tightly and stored properly with a descant pouch they should last about 3 months. Nothing is better to have in your health kit! Buy on amazon.


The right salt or the wrong salt? Unrefined salt is real salt and it synonymous with life today as we know it as well as billions of years ago. Lack of salt lends to dehydration, birth defects, organ failure, decay, diseases, premature aging, and premature death. The problem with salt is that beginning in 1923 processors began kiln drying salt at high temperatures above 1200F’. These extreme temperatures cause alterations to its chemical structure. Not only does heat ruin its original natural form but during the refining process 82 out of 84 essential minerals are removed, leaving only inorganic sodium chloride. Table salt becomes basically an inorganic sodium compound to which “ anti-caking” additives have been added such as aluminum hydroxide, silica aluminate, sodium ferrocyanide, tai-calcium phosphate, stearic acid and others. Aluminum has been implicated in Alzheimers and dementia and is vey difficult to remove from the brain once it enters the blood brain barrier.
The inorganic and heavily processed unnatural compound is actually toxic to the body. The body does not recognize or need this compound and thus causes high fluid retention due to the body trying to remove this poison. It has been chemically bleached and cleaned and treated with harmful chemicals and additives. It has no way to clear the body fast enough and builds up and leaves deposits in organs and tissue, causing health problems. In other words, the same chemicals added to salt to prevent water absorption also prevent it from being properly absorbed in your body. This is why we hear salt is “ bad for you”. Yes! The wrong salt is, absolutely. Shortly after salty began being refined, mental illness statistically increased. It should be noted that what do doctors give to patients to help regulate manic-depressive patients? Lithium, a trace mineral in natural salt that has been removed and is missing from table salt.
The right salt is freshly harvested natural and unrefined sea salt, it is loaded with minerals that our body recognizes and needs and craves.The best natural salts come straight from the sea in origin. The best are Himalayan Sea Salt ( be cautious of fake dyed salts) , Real Salt brand, Celtic Sea Salt brand and Jacobsen Sea Salt Company. Make sure you do your research and trust your source as with anything.
Salt is most effective in stabilizing irregular heart rhythms, vital to the extraction of excess acidity from the cells in the body, particularly neurons, it regulates blood sugar, it is vital for the generation of hydroelectric energy in the body. It facilitates neural signaling for communication and information processing from brain to fingertip and back, it is vital for the absorption of food particles in the GI tract, clears the lungs of mucus and sticky phlegm, clears catarrh and congestion from the sinuses, is a strong natural antihistamine, anti viral, anti parasitic and anti bacterial, prevents muscle cramps, is vital for sleep regulation and circadian rhythms, is vital for saliva production, is vital for bone structure formation and making bones firm ( osteoporosis is a result of salt and water shortage). It is vital for the prevention of gout and arthritis, maintains sexual libido, prevents varicose veins, reduces double chin, and it contains 80 mineral elements that the body needs for life sustaining functions. Bad salt does the exact opposite.
As a side note Himalayan Salt caves give off beneficial negative ions just like black magnets. Salt lamps are a beautiful addition to any room and have been proven to reduce allergies due to their antihistamine properties. Salt Rocks!!!

Baking Soda

For instant healing benefits for acid states, if needed, use baking soda 1/4 tsp added to warm water instantly alkalizes the body, increases VO2max, cardiac performance and reduces lactic acid.
Remember this one thing. We must always change the water in the fish tank right? Otherwise it gets dingy, smelly and toxic. In the same way we need to change our water environment but it has to be the right environment. We need to replace our plasma with plasma. Low salt diets are detrimental to health, the right salt diet adds vitality and electricity to our systems and enables our cellular reactions to take place for the best health we can attain. Salt is life, water is life, oxygen is life- the right kinds of these molecules make or break your vitality and energetic potential.


Real Salt, Celtic Salt, Jacobsen Salt Co.
Mega Home water Distiller
Urine strips 10 parameters or more
Baking Soda

3. Nutrition

Let us focus on macro elements now that we understand the importance of clean micronutrients. Our food. We are what we eat and food is our medicine. Food should be called our medicine and we would see and choose much differently. We are the only species on the plane-t that doesn’t know what to eat , have you ever stopped to consider this fact? We have hundreds of thousands of “ diet” books and yet everyone is still utterly confused. This is by design. The food pyramid is wrong!!! We do not require three square meals of 80 percent grains per day. This is not how our ancestors ate and it is why we have a world full of unhealthy and obese humans. When we shop the middle of the grocery aisles we are asking for trouble. Things that have more than 5 ingredients or an expiration date longer than three days are a NO NO. Anything with a preservative should be thrown out- it is poison. Anything injected with antibiotics and hormones should be thrown out, anything sprayed with roundup should be tossed, if not soaked in ozone for 30 minutes or peroxide and water. Anything with artificial dyes like blue lake or red lake should be tossed out immediately. Sugar, HFCS, palm oil, canola, safflower, bleached anything should be tossed!!! Rapeseed is poison, canola is poison- 80 percent of Whole Foods items is coated in canola. ( banned in the UK )It is cheap that is why it is used but highly unstable with heat and very toxic. Rapeseed is not food.

Do not cook with oils that have a low smoke point. Cook with high heat oils like coconut or sunflower, butter or lard only. Oils that are solid at room temperature. All others convert into transfats with application of heat. If you decide to eat legumes or grains always soak to get rid of lectins they can cause leaky gut. Use a variety of cooked and raw vegetables and use the glycemic index with all foods to regulate glucose response. The minute we secrete insulin we begin storing fat. 90/10 rule- 90 percent healthful choices and 10 percent pleasure foods. Generally speaking we are omnivores, we are not designed to digest cellulose, we do not have seven stomachs to make cud, we have sharp incisors as well as flat molars. We have a need for cobalamin ( B12- cobalt) which we cannot obtain through vegan diets. Morally and ethically speaking veganism is the best – it allows us to eat the energy of the living plant and promote our own cellular electricity. But even plants make their own chemical defenses such as calcium oxalate ( kidney stones), phytates, saponins, terpenoids and more that can cause harm to our health if we don’t know how to soak, cook or process them properly. Dose matters most with anything. Studies show that native tribes that consumed no grains ( seeds of grasses) had no incidence of mental illness as well as dental cavities ( Weston A Price, Linus Pauling) See Dr. William Davis’ work at We are meant to eat a small amount of animal protein and fat but it is to be done with honor and reverence as the natives waste nothing, Kosher Noah Hide laws send up sparks for the soul. In this way we can honor the sacrifice for our own survival. “ Our great mother does not take sides, she protects the balance of life. “ Avatar. “ Na’vi kill prayer- “ I see you, brother and I thank you . Your spirit will go with Eywa, but your body stays behind to become part of the people”. We have become so disconnected from nature, our soil, our land, the place we come from. We are the earth, the salt of the earth. Born from the ashes to return again. We must look at food as a gift, a medicine and a blessing. Nothing should be wasted, everything to be shared. A lot can be learned of a person by watching the way they eat. How they begin, their pace, their gratitude. Remember food contains water, water contains memory. The energy you put into your food imprints on every molecule. Vitamin L is most important of all. Vitamin Love. No one food is right for everyone. It is all trial and error. What Is good for you today may not be tomorrow. We have two powerful tools to use for our food intake, Our fingers to muscle test and our noses. Just because a food may smell amazing at first , the first scent of it will either feel good or not in your belly and intuition. Use these tools always. Even with supplements. You will be surprised how accurate they are.

Some beautiful books to read, The Primal Blueprint by Mark Sisson, Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon, Nutrition and Physical Degeneration by Weston A Price, Wheat Belly Dr William Davis, Superfoods by David Wolfe, Spiritual Nutrition by Gabriel Cousens.

( if you love your pets don’t feed them cereal ( kibble) feed them your leftovers- feed them what they would eat in nature) DO NOT FEED PETS GRAINS EVER!!! Never ever feed Carnivorous cats grains- please read labels diligently. Grains cause chronic UTI’s in felines and much worse. Look at your domesticated pet as a wild animal and feed them accordingly just like humans. See for feeding calculators and proper pet nutrition. Always make sure to include raw meaty bones for dental health as well as essential fats for coat, brain and joints. Pets dont need to eat raw if you are not comfortable but you can easily feed them cooked human proteins at the same price as kibble. Pets will always go to the food they like the best so its good to sample a few choices to know what they like. For example a bite size of cooked bison, beef, salmon, turkey and lamb. Each pet is different but they do tell us right away what they like.

5. Music

What is music? Sound waves of frequency and vibration that are mathematically combined to produce beauty of form, harmony and expression of emotion. Sound therapy is using frequency and vibration and intention to elicit a specific healing effect on an individual such as relaxation, chakra clearing or tuning of the entire etheric system. The ideal frequencies are solfeggio frequencies which complete the fibonacci form or the sacred geometry of our light bodies. Each light body has a specific tone and a planetary energy that we can tap into using live musical instruments which are tuned to affect a specific healing benefit. For example…. Our first chakra the muladarha ( root) is the color red and matches the frequency 396 Hertz and the planet Mars. This chakra when balanced liberates fear, guilt and trauma. When we have a client who is communicating these emotions we can apply music that vibrates the same for 20 minutes with say a planetary gong and then always elevate one level for another 20 minutes- which would be 417 Hz on the scale. If a client is expressing fear, lack of creativity, hesitance to change and the undoing of situations then we would apply 417 Hz for 20 minutes and follow with 528Hz to elevate. If they present with brain fog, low self esteem, turmoil, lack of self worth, hatred and depression we would apply 528 Hz then elevate to 639Hz. If they present difficulty opening up, matters of the heart, disharmony, sadness and relationship issues we would apply 639Hz and elevate to 741 Hz. If they are presenting with many problems and no solutions, issues communicating , people not hearing them when they speak and throat issues we would apply 741 Hz and follow with 852Hz. If they are unbalanced, heavy, feeling lack of inspiration, lack of divine connection especially to their soul we would apply 852 Hz and follow with 963Hz. If they are demonstrating hardship in feeling connected and having doubts, not seeing the whole picture we would apply 963Hz and then 1074Hz .
We can use a simple app for tuning or we can use a mini frequency generator or a gong, tuning forks, chimes, copper plates, crystal or metal singing bowls or any instrument that is tuned to these particular frequencies. While applying magnet therapy the sound waves will enhance the healing. We can also fine tune our therapies by using particular frequencies that match our organ systems. Remember each biomagnetic pair has its own frequency and when sound is applied it only improves and speeds the benefits.
See chart below for correspondences

Planets, Sounds, Colors and Meters
The following is a table of the audio frequencies, colors and meters analogous to the planetary cycles in the order of the octaves. Click on a name of a cycles (first column) to read the individual description.

cycle: Kind of periodperiod: Duration of the period in days or yearsfrequency: The tuning forks are tuned in this frequenciesHertz: Number of cycles per second.octave: The number of octaves is based on the period.tone: The designations of the tones.a1: The frequency of the corresponding chromatic a1diff. 440 Hz: The difference to 440 Hz, given in cents.color: The color corresponding to the duration of the period in order of the octaves.bpm: beats per minute pendulum: A pendulum of the given length (in centimeters) swings with the frequency given in the same row (in bpm). It can be used as a time reference, in case a metronome is not available.

Ideally all resonant frequencies would be intentionally created within an electromagnetic field to produce enhanced energetic tones. These tones should be tuned to 432Hz and not 440Hz ( like our current radio music which is proven to cause feelings of chaos and anger) All of these tones are in alignment with PHI or the golden ratio – aka fibonacci.

There is much debate around the 432 versus 440 tuning. The story behind the deception can easily be researched on the link below. The bottom line is there are corresponding sounds and tones that can be applied to the biofield whilst in a biomagnetism session. It can be as simple as playing beautiful spa like music , binaural beats, solfeggio tones, theta or gamma electronically generated music to as complex as live sound therapy using instruments that are tailored to the organ systems and emotions that require the healing. As long as the music is aligned with the client the healing will be enhanced. One caveat and a very important one. Some traumas can be brought up by certain frequencies that the client is not ready to deal with. For example gongs can bring up PTSD for war veterans. In a case such as this it would be ideal to cease that instrument or music and find something they choose. Or no music at all until the client has settled back into a relaxed state. We heal in many layers and we heal cyclically. Certain organs also hold onto certain emotions as well. Psychosomatic healing can be deep and very very healing but the client has to be ready to venture into those places to promote that healing also. Prana and emotions coincide always. Just always watch your client and be very in tune and sensitive to their breathing patterns to gauge what is needed in a given moment. Better to know and be prepared for anything that may arise. The beauty of music is that 99 percent of the time it will create a gorgeous experience for healing for both the healer and the client alike.

Some beautiful reading material and resources:

The Cosmic Octave by: Cousteau

The Musical Theory of Existence by: Steve Madison

5. Rife

On the theme of frequency and vibration there is an amazing healing device that was invented in the 1920’s by a scientist named Royal Rife. These healing machines are able to shatter organisms using frequencies similar to an opera singer shattering a glass with the perfect pitch. In nature everything has its own radio station and when we tune into the perfect dialed in station we get a clear crisp sound. In that same way when we dial into the frequency of an organism we can kill it quickly and easily the key is knowing which frequency to apply. For this we muscle test!!!! There are many great documentaries on Royal Rife and his BX BY cancer research. A search engine “ rife killing under microscope” can demonstrate the many amazing powers of a rife. They are labeled as quackery however aren’t many things that work? The proof is in the product and the evidence first hand.
There are many great rife machines out there at many different price ranges and functionalities here is a list from least to greatest:

1. The most affordable is a free a simple tone generator. It is a sine wave general tone . You can use it to program crystals or clear your home like you would burning sage. It is a great beginner resource.
Now this is not the best because the strength of the frequency is very weak but it can still be useful for many applications.

2. Mini tone generator- this is a mini device that can be used with any orgone piece simply connected with a wire to amplify a given space- makes some beautiful ones. But the generator you can find its called FG085 mini multi tone generator.

3. Hulda Clark Zapper- great and basic for contact mode only-

4. Spooky2- the cheapest generator with the most functionality- has PEMF, Scalar, Tens, Plasma, contact, remote (quantum), biofeedback scans and so much more, the best library of all rife programs on the market. However it is glitchy and tricky if you are not tech savvy.

5. BCX Ultra- a very good basic rife machine, has great bulbs, foot bath and plasma for a big room, all of Rife’s original frequencies. Limited programs, very basic great for plug and play- not technical as compared to others, no biofeedback scans.

6. GB-4000 Mopa- This guy is HUGE! In price and size and sound. Has all of the Original frequencies but not many other applications, many report being fully cured with the GB due to its powerful output.

7. Pearl -M Resonant light- This rife is amplifier only like the GB but has the power to do a larger area, it is very attractive looking and has amazing reviews.

8. True Rife- By far this is the best rife available- It has many applications such as Ozone bulb, GRS scan for biofeedback, contact mode, overnight bulb during sleep, q-2 bulb ( strongest on the market) , spiral bulb, grounding bed sheet, colloidal silver maker, foot bath, Halo crystal coated bulb and now the q-5 bulb which is the most powerful to date. The true rife has many many cure cases a fantastic customer support group and a certification program for practitioners. It is the Ferrari of Rife machines but it is very expensive. Well worth it if you are looking to heal.

Contrary to some beliefs a rife machine is NOT a healing machine. It will not repair damaged cells or put DNA proteins back together as some programs on some rife machines say. It is a pathogen killing machine and it does so very very very well when the perfect frequency is found and applied for the proper duration at the proper wave form. That being said there is a post protocol for any rife treatment and that is detox. When many microscopic organisms have their cell walls obliterated there is a die off reaction ( herxheimer) and one can feel quite sick after wards – flulike symptoms are normal, hydration is needed as is proper rest and nutrition. Most Herxheimers last a day, sometimes it does not occur. But if you are hitting the nail on the head there usually is a die off reaction so be prepared to give yourself some TLC. Over time the sessions should get easier to tolerate. Do not rife more than every other day for long periods. Like anything Less is more when it comes to Mother Nature. Be wise, in tune to your needs and always muscle test it.

6. Homeopathy

Homeopathy was developed in the 18th century by a German doctor by the name of Samuel Hahnemann, who founded a system based on the ancient concept that “ like cures like” . It is based on the idea that large doses of a substance will cause a symptom, while very small doses of that same substance will cure it. Scientifically it has not yet been explained how homeopathy works, but new theories in quantum physics are shedding light on the process, even though it has been highly suppressed and under researched. And for good reason. It costs pennies for a remedy as compared to patented allopathic pharmaceuticals. Therefore there is no profitability for the corporations.
What we do know is that a carefully selected homeopathic remedy acts as a trigger to the body’s healing processes. This concept is the forerunner of vaccines in modern times. However, the difference is night and day in term’s of a substance, to where it is the “energetic trace or imprint” or frequency of an item which makes it far safer, yet very effective. It is very popular to this day in India and used and widely promoted. However many single remedies are now being removed from shelves in North America- because it works!
Homeopathic remedies range from flora to fauna to minerals ( cell salts) and even to diseased tissue called nosodes. Nosodes are a very special type of remedy for special types of cases. But remember that it is not the diseased tissue itself but it is the energetic vibrational imprint of the disease. It may sound repulsive at first but if you can see it in a way of energy and not material it makes a lot of sense. Like cancels out like. Everything is neutralized and healing is restored.
Often times the homeopath will consult the client to get to know certain quirks and behaviors in order to properly select a remedy. There is an intimate process to selecting, dowsing, or muscle testing particular remedies. Say a client comes in expressing a busy busy and very organized life style, wearing bright colors and having an aversion to rain and an affinity for fresh flowers in her home( we call these miasms- symptoms or expressions) we could perhaps look into a bee remedy called -Apis. This remedy could also be used for acute symptoms also such as an insect bite or a swollen eyelid on your dog. In the same action the bee venom swells, reddens and irritates the area we would chose Apis for this also. So homeopathic remedies can used for behaviors, emotions, addictions, spiritual sickness, and diseases and they can be made from ANYTHING! And they are the vibrational signature of that substance. They are dilutions of the original substance that are shaken and diluted so many times that only the energy remains. Remember water has a memory. Homeopathic remedies are always made in a liquid medium. For this reason. The lower the number of potency the more physical the issue it addresses, the higher the number the more etheric. Homeopathics can be used in many mediums such as pellets, drops, cremes, and gels- but always in a water base. They are very simple to make with a radionics machine. Books can be found on ebay such as Hahnemann, Kent, Boericke materia medica but new prints are rare.
It is impossible to get a true homeopathic remedy maker, they have been banned or burned. There are a few out there but for now the best we have are electronic versions called radionics machines. Some great ones are BERKANA Labs boards that attach to spooky 2 rife if you have one. They are just amazing and always sold out. They also provide a great user manual that is very very useful. The other product that is great are Bionetix machines on Ebay out of the UK. They are the only company providing these machines of quality and proof of work but also not inexpensive. Limits are endless for vibrational healing. If you are looking for more information on homeopathy the Canadian College of Homeopathics has many great resources.
I also greatly recommend Bach Flower Essences for the highest form of healing energetically. There is nothing more powerful than the bloom energy of a flower. Bach found that in all of his homeopathic research there were no greater healings than that he witnessed with Flower Remedies. They are absolutely fantastic and immediate. Having a 100 remedy kit from Helios Homeopathy is amazing to have on hand for your tool kit. ( see Vibrational Medicine by Richard Gerber)
Remedies can also be made without a copier using the old methods of dilution and shaking. One only needs to research and you will find how.
Some great companies to purchase your remedies:

7. Meditation

Ahhhhh to be zen! Ommmmmm. Ohnnnnnnng. Yaaaaaaaaammmmm Whatever mantra you choose it replaces the monkey chatter ( vrittis) with a much sweeter and much more serene mind ( man) song/tune(tra) rather than the constant jumping of thoughts. It is a common misconception that meditation is meant to be zen and peaceful. It is actually anything but when starting out. The purpose of meditation is to bring the stuff up to the surface to be healed from the layers of consciousness- emotional, subconscious, collective unconscious, ancestral layers. It is to be able to notice the thoughts as they come up and return your mind to the focus rather than getting lost in the story. It’s like taking the hand of the toddler and gently bringing them back to sit at a table to do a task. The toddler will keep trying to go do something else just like the thoughts will keep distracting the meditation. Each time to take their hand once again and guide them back to the table. In the same way one guides their mind back to the meditation task and not the story or the fantasy being created to distract. It takes many hours of practice to get to know the space where the mind meets the heart and soul. When we are born we should learn this and breath work first. It would save a lot of time later in life. It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken adults. Meditation does this and more. Yogis recommend beginning with a 40 day meditation as it takes 40 days to break a habit. 90 days to create a new habit. 120 days to confirm a habit and 1000 days to master a habit so that it becomes you. A habit is a subconscious chain reaction between the mind, the glandular system and the nervous system. We develop habits at a very young age. Some serve our highest destiny and some do not. Meditation can help you develop new and deeply ingrained habits that serve your highest potential.
There are many ways to meditate. There are many books on meditation. When starting out its best to have small victories. There is always time for a 3 minute meditation, get the app Insight Timer and meditate with others, or find a guided meditation on YouTube there are so many. Find the right voice that soothes you and you can have some pretty powerful experiences. Kundalini yoga meditations are very very powerful as well. Some great teachers are Catalyst Yogi or Karena Virginia, Sadhguru or Meditative Mind. There are so many kinds you just have to find what is right for you but the amazing healing benefits are countless. Some meditations have mantras, chants or songs, some are only breath alone, some involve counting and others visualizations. All of which help you go deeper into your personality , your heart, your soul, your shadow, your higher self and your purpose. What better gift than to give yourself the ability to know and love yourself. This combined with a biomagnetism session could be very very powerful indeed. Meditation with magnets is like amped up soul work. Give it a try you might love what you find.


Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field therapy is like biomagnetism only with electricity application that creates a pulsed magnet field at a range of Gauss. It has been proven in studies to have benefits for pain reduction and significant benefits for preventing rouleax in the blood – the abnormal clumping of blood cells. As well as benefits to speed healing of bone fractures ( FDA approved for this purpose). It is currently used by numerous equine veterinarians with much success. It can improve athletic performance, reduce inflammation, stimulate cell metabolism, aid in speed of recover and increase cellular oxygen uptake by 200 percent. Thus reducing pain associated with lack of sufficient oxygen. Isn’t this the root of all dis-ease- the lack of oxygen and an acidic state? Why of course. Wonder why research on static magnet application has not been studied deeper…things that make you go hmmmm? For more resources on PEMF visit or read the book Healing is Voltage by Dr. Jerry Tennant. There are a wide variety of devices that can be used for small or large field of work. Earth Pulse is a wonderful moderate version with up to 2000 Gauss ( adjustable and programable) and wonderful sleep and repair programs. Higher pulsed machines that go up into the 10,000s should be used with caution as they are not natural forms from nature ( those with pacemakers, stents, pumps, hardware implants and soft implants, pregnancy, chemotherapy patients are contraindicated) . The body knows best what Mother Nature intended anything other should be used with research and precaution . PEMF therapy can be beneficial but biomagnetism makes for a better therapy due to its lack of 60Hz plug in the wall. Nature is always best and always first. PEMF machines can be great for short term use and application but it is not portable and does not make sense long term. Some great devices are the PEMF 120, Bemer,Earth Pulse, Teslafit, and the Hugo. There are also PEMF mats that have crystals and infrared imbedded. Again muscle test and read read read up to find what is best for your needs. Pay attention to Gauss, programs, accessories and range of field. Dr Pawluk has a great comparison chart on his site as well.

A great intro book is called PEMF-the Fifth Element of Health by Bryant A Meyers
Healing is Voltage Dr Jerry Tennant

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